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Lavia (Yanzi) Lin (b.1995) is a Berlin-based abstract artist and live painting performer from Shanghai, China. From an early age, she immersed herself in painting, creating colorful and dream-like worlds. Lavia came to Berlin in 2014 to study art, and the vibrant art scene inspired her to further explore her own artistic expression.

Growing up in a family-owned live music bar, music became a significant influence in Lavia's life. She draws inspiration from the harmonies and rhythms of music and translates them into her paintings. Her artwork invites viewers into an imaginary dream-like world filled with vivid colors, rhythmic lines, and dancing forms, where sounds become visible and colors create music. 

Lavia's paintings have been exhibited in Berlin, Hamburg, London, and Shanghai, and she recently participated in an artist residency program in Hungary. Since 2021, she has been working as a freelance artist and arts & culture manager.

In addition to her paintings, Lavia is known for her live painting performances. She began performing live painting in 2017, collaborating with the Italian band Satoyama. Her performances challenge her spontaneity and attentiveness as she creates live art during concerts. She has also collaborated with other international music artists, connecting visual arts and music to bridge different cultures.

In 2022, Lavia accompanied Satoyama on their Europe tour "Sinking Island," raising awareness about climate change and rising sea levels. Through her art and music collaborations, Lavia aims to create a connection between different art forms and explore the meaning of "imaging music."




My art transports viewers to an imaginary dream-like world, where visual sounds and harmonious colors come alive. Inspired by music, I create expressive abstract paintings that resemble a soundscape. Through inner dialogues, reflections, and close listening, my works embody a dance of colors and forms, blending spontaneity and calculation. They invite introspection and evoke a sense of tranquility, bridging memories and experiences with the present. My paintings are also an exploration of visualizing music and the transformative process of attentive listening. As I assume the roles of listener, audience member, painter, and performer, I immerse myself in the experience, capturing the rawness of sounds, the movements of musicians, and the liveliness of emotions. My art is a reflection of this multidimensional experience, translating it into colors, forms, and lines onto the canvas.



Exhibitions  (SELECTED)

Shanghai, China 1.June 2008 “Charity Auction of Painting Exhibition” @ Le Royal Meridien, Shanghai (The auction was for the orphans in Wenchuan Earthquake)


28.February —6 March 2014 Participated @ CSS / SWF Fundraising Art
Exhibition “Children Around the World” as Artist representing Germany

-10.August 2012 Solo Exhibition “The Sentimental Colors” @ Chamber of
Commerce, Hamburg,Germany

10.Sep-17.Sep 2016 Group Exhibition “Räume” @TheWorkspace Berlin

21.Sep -30.Sep 2018 Group Exhibition “Räume 2” @Kopenhagenerstraße 60,13407,


5. August-11. August 2022 Pop-Up Solo Exhibition “Jazz Paintings” @
Backhaus Projects Berlin

27. August -25. September 2022 Group Exhibition “ON MY WAY’’ @Under
the Mango Tree Design Studio Berlin

13. October-29. October 2022 Group Exhibition ‘’Die Farbe @Lite-Haus
Galerie +Projektraum Berlin

10. March-30. April 2023 Group Exhibition “INCESSANT CAPACITY’’ @Under
the Mango Tree Design Studio Berlin

8. Sep-23. Sep 2023 Group Exhibition “Berlin Art Wow!’’@Lite-Haus Galerie
+Projektraum Berlin London, UK

25. March-31. March 2022 Group Show “Radical Beauty’’ The Holy Art
Gallery The Factory, 21-31 Shacklewell Ln, London Virtual Exhibition

24. April-30.April 2022 Virtual Exhibition ‘Beauteous forms’ Brouhaha Gallery

2. June-12. June 2022 Solo Virtual Exhibition Brouhaha Gallery

Artist In Residence 22.April- 19- May 2023 @Szent András Kastèly, Bölcske, Hungary


WORKS [Selection]

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