HAZE.GALLERY is a Berlin-based vibrant contemporary art platform where art finds its voice through dual pathways. In one direction, we stand as a steadfast representative of a distinguished artist roster, championing international artists worldwide, on the other, we open our doors to curated pop up collective exhibitions "haze. untitled", a nurturing space for emerging artists to unfurl their creativity, granting them a vital opportunity for exposure and discovery by collectors. 


The gallery is active in the international art scene, organizing and supporting exhibitions and participating in international fairs e.g. AAF Brussels, AAF Hamburg, Discovery Art Fair Köln, DAF Frankfurt, Art Market Budapest, etc. The exhibition program consists of 10 shows per year, ranging from group to solo exhibitions and combining international and local artists with other solid global contemporary art scene voices.


Our commitment lies in embracing the diversity and dynamism of contemporary art. We believe in fostering a thriving ecosystem where established artists can flourish while uplifting the promising voices of tomorrow. By curating exhibitions for emerging artists, we aim to create a stepping stone, offering a platform where their work can resonate with a wider audience and, crucially, connect with passionate collectors seeking the next wave of artistic brilliance.


In addition, HAZEGALLERY regularly publishes limited-edition artist catalogs and a coffee table book ART & FASHION BOOK - PURPLEHAZE MAGAZINE.