Can I exhibit at HAZEGALLERY?


We support artists via our on & offline  platform and you either participate in one of our group exhibitions, or apply for a Solo Show or 3D Exhibition online. 


​request information 

How do apply ?


Please send your Bio, Artistic Statement and Artist Portfolio to

Do you accept applications other than photography?


The gallery's main focus is Young Contemporary Art, Conceptual Photography & Fashion, however you can apply if your art fits the open call theme.

Are there any fees for participation?

Yes. A participation fee of 85,- Euro  will be applied to the artists who will be selected to exhibit in our group  shows. The fee for video artists is Euro 45,- and for virtual 3D exhibition 35,-   The funds we gather from the fees are going towards the needs of the exhibitions  and promotion. (more information here) 


Inquire here If you are interested in an offline  SOLO SHOW 


or here if you prefer SOLO 3D Exhibition


Selling artwork is optional, Hazegallery will handle all sales and related communication.


Hazegallery DOES NOT TAKE ANY COMMISSION  on any sales!