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We are currently accepting applications for the following  off and online exhibitions OPEN CALLS in 2021

Open CALL for virtual 3D EXHIBITIONS 

  • FIGURATIVE ART [The Concept of Authenticity] GROUP EXHIBITION 04 June - 26 June SUBMISSION DEADLINE 20.05.2021



  • 3D Virtual Exhibition [ Analogue Photography ] 10.04 - 25.04 SUBMISSION DEADLINE 1 April
  • 3D Virtual MINIMALISM  [ Notions of Minimalism ]  25.04 - 10.05 SUBMISSION DEADLINE 15 April    
  • 3D Virtual Exhibition [ ABSTRACT ] 07.05 - 29.05 SUBMISSION DEADLINE 5 May
  • 3D Virtual Exhibition [ Folks stories. Going back to the the roots ] 1.06 - 15.06 SUBMISSION DEADLINE 20 May
  • 3D Virtual Exhibition [ Black & White Photography ]  20.06 - 5.07 SUBMISSION DEADLINE 10 June
  • 3D Virtual Exhibition [ THE SEASONS ] 10.07 - 25.07 SUBMISSION DEADLINE 1 July


HAZE.GALLERY also accepts artists applications for the online representation on a rolling basis  please click here for more details  


Group Exhibitions: HAZE Gallery invites artists to submit their artwork for an opportunity to participate in our upcoming Group Exhibitions. We are looking for a diverse of mixture of art  works, this will be a mixed group show of all recent artwork created by contemporary artists.


The gallery  will advertise and promote the selected artists for the exhibitions and host a formal Opening Reception for the exhibition, including an Artist Talk during the opening reception. If you are looking for gallery representation and to have a Show in Berlin, submit your art that we may discover your compelling work and present it to the public, gallery directors, curators and collectors.


Who Can Participate: Open to all Visual Artists preferably, but not essential, with a formal artistic education, national and international.


The Exhibition: HAZE Gallery will advertise and promote the selected artists for our Group Exhibition and host a formal opening reception for the exhibit, including an Artist Talk during the opening reception


How Are Artists Selected: HAZE Gallery is run by a qualified curator Irina Rusinovich,  who carefully reviews and selects artists that submit their work. 


Accepted Artwork: contemporary visual media.


To submit: Please be ready to provide your artist bio, artist statement ( in word )  and artwork list (i.e. title, medium, dimensions and retail price for each artwork). Please include your name, address, email and phone number on your artist bio and artwork list. Save and label all your image files: Title, name, medium, dimensions and retail price, Example: Untitled, Petra Muller, Illustration on paper, 20x30, 100 Euro.


Entry Fee:  An entry fee of 85.00 Euro for a physical exhibition at HAZEGALLERY BERLIN  or 35.00 Euro for a 3 D exhibition -  is payable if you are selected and you accept the selection.  


*A note to international photographers: works can be printed (photopaper) by the gallery at no extra charge. Payment of the curation fee is final.


HAZEGALLERY TAKES 0% commision on any art sold during the group show. 100% of the profit goes to the artists.


HAZE.GALLERY accepts artists applications for the online representations on a rolling basis 

please click here for more details 



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