Calling All Artists: Showcasing Talent in PURPLEHAZE Magazine Online!


Are you an artist looking for an exciting opportunity to share your work and creative process? Look no further! PURPLEHAZE Magazine announcing an open call for artist portfolio features, studio visits, and interviews in our online publication.


At PURPLEHAZE Magazine, we're passionate about connecting with artists from diverse backgrounds and giving them a platform to shine. Whether you specialize in painting, photography, sculpture, digital art, or any other visual medium, we want to hear your story and share your work with our global audience.


What We're Looking For:

- Exceptional artists with a unique artistic vision and a strong portfolio.

- Artists who are eager to share their creative process, inspirations, and artistic journey.

- Those who possess a strong connection to both art and fashion, bridging the gap between these two creative realms.


Submission Guidelines:

- All artists, regardless of their level of experience or background, are welcome to apply.

- Prepare a digital portfolio showcasing your best works. Include detailed captions for each piece, providing information about the medium, size, and any relevant context.

- Write a brief artist statement, sharing insights into your artistic practice and inspirations.

- Specify your preference for either a portfolio feature, studio visit, or interview in your submission.


How to Apply

- Attach your digital portfolio and a link to an online portfolio website.

- Include your artist statement and a short biography in the email body.

- If available, provide links to your website, social media handles, or any additional material you'd like to share.


Important Dates:

- Submission Deadline: Ongoing until further notice.


Please note that while we try our best to respond to all applicants, we may only be able to reach out to selected artists for further details. If chosen, we will collaborate with you to create engaging content for our online publication.


By submitting your portfolio, you grant PURPLEHAZE Magazine the non-exclusive rights to publish and promote your work, images, and accompanying text.


There is a non-refundable submission fee of 35 Euro   (please note only after the payment the submission will be reviewed )