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Ekaterina Kovalenko is a Berlin-based sculptor, specializing in site-specific installations using various mediums, from ceramic to VR and online installations. Her works explore the contradictions in human physicality, sensuality, self-perception, taboo, and stigmatization. She completed her studies in Sculpture at the Russian Academy of Painting,Sculpture and Architecture in Moscow in 2015. She completed the UDK ARTIST TRAINING for Professionals, Module“BASIC III for Freelance Artists” in Berlin, Germany, in 2019.

Kovalenko received the “Young Lions” grant from Triumph Gallery, Moscow, in 2018 and The German Federal Program “NEWSTART for Artists” Stipendium Module D: Digital Formats in Berlin (2021-2022). She won the TAKE-OFF (VZLET) Creativity Competition in Moscow, 2018. Active in group and solo exhibitions since 2013, she has worked as a freelance artist, supervisor and teacher since 2015 and taught at Sreda Obuchenia Online Contemporary Art School (2020-2022). She created multiple monuments for Berlin, Freiberg and Aschendorf, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.




The inseparable connection between body and consciousness is a central theme in my work. Physical appearance isone of the universal languages capable of appealing to any human being, making it a powerful tool in my creativeexpression.


My projects are inspired by the changes and contradictions that exist within us, including physicality and sensuality, self-perception, taboo, and stigmatization. I strive to create works that allow viewers to feel a sense of presence and relate tothemselves, often utilizing

site-specific installations across various mediums, such as ceramic, VR, and 3D.


I work both solo and in collaboration, drawing from my classical education and years of experience in the contemporary art field. My work often draws from a diverse range of inspirations, including social, ecological, and scientific perspectives, as I strive to address pressing issues caused by anthropocentrism.





Municipal General Lyceum #23, Mytishchi, Moscow region, Russian Federation


College of Light Industry №5, Moscow, Russian Federation, fashion designer


The Ilya Glazunov Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Moscow, Russian Federation, specialist in sculpture



EXHIBITIONS [selected]



 "Mother of creeps”, ZÖNOTÉKA,

Berlin, Germany

 “Nebulous”, Studio Baustelle, Berlin,Germany

Sculptor- specialist, Art Department Studio

Babelsberg, Potsdam, Germany

Sculpture department instructor, Sreda

Obuchenia Online Contemporary Art


"Reliefs" reconstruction for Humboldt

Forum, Berlin, Germany

“Rituality” online on-going game-like


 “Grounding”, Cube Moscow, Moscow,

Russian Federation.

“Travel invitation”, Gallery Victoria,

Samara, Russian Federation.

 “Habitat” / WINZAVOD.Open,

WINZAVOD Center of Contemporary Art,

Moscow, Russian Federation.

 “Pinlikker” Monument for

Aschendorf(Papenburg), Germany

The German Federal Program

“NEWSTART for artists” Stipendium

Module D: Digital Formats

 “X-Nowness”, Art Basel Center, Basel,







WORKS [ Selection ]

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