MAGDALENA SEVCIK                    



Magdaléna Ševčík is a professional abstract painter. She is one of the most prominent representatives of young Czech abstract painting and has exhibited her work in Czechia, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK.


She is interested in the topic of the human mind and its representations through perception, which she interprets and explores in large-scale paintings and playful installations.


Her compositions examine hidden possibilities, and extensions or flaws of the human brain, in memory, self-control and regulation, entanglement, and a higher self. Ševčík uses acrylic paints, always choosing a specific set of colors, she explores how they mix and blend, how they express what can’t be expressed by words or other actions. Her visual language is expressive and symbolic. The fluid background tells a story and speaks of strong moments and experiences. It follows a certain topic in a free and flowing manner. Her work is subjective and raw.
On the other hand, the foreground introduces a certain rationality with its simple forms, sharp lines, and ellipses. Without them the artwork is incomplete. They either support and amplify what’s happening in the background or negate it completely.





Glogauair Open studios (during Berlin Art Week), Berlin, DE

Glogauair Open studios, Berlin, DE


Sotheby's realty, solo exhibition Lines and Clouds, Prague, CZ



STARÁ ČISTÍRNA GALLERY, solo exhibition Maximal Entropy, Prague, CZ



Art Week Rotterdam with VICTORYART Gallery, Pop-up solo exhibition, Rotterdam, Netherlands



INDIGES GALLERY, Solo exhibition No End Or Beginning, Brno, CZ



DANIEL RAPHAEL GALLERY, Group exhibition Less is More, London, UK

NULTÁ GENERACE, Group exhibition of young Czech emerging artists, Jihlava, CZ

Brno Art Jam 2018, Brno, CZ


THE CULT HOUSE, Creative Debuts, exhibition Abstractive, London, UK

KAVÁRNA CO HLEDÁ JMÉNO, Solo exhibition Neither now nor ever, Prague, CZ

BLACK BOX GALLERY, Solo exhibition Colliding Planets, Brno, Czech republic

MINI ART GALLERY, Solo exhibition Colliding Planets, Bratislava, Slovakia

DOT CONTEMPORARY, Group Exhibition Closing Hearts, Bratislava, Slovakia


​DOT CONTEMPORARY GALLERY, Group exhibition Until Now, Bratislava, Slovakia

KULTURÁRIUM GALLERY, Solo exhibition Trapped, Brno, Czech republic

IMPACT HUB BRNO, Solo exhibition Now forever, Brno, Czech republic



2013 - 2014

Fine Arts, Faculty of Art, University of Lapland, Finland


2011 - 2014

Management in culture, Faculty of Philosophy & Economics, Masaryk University Brno


2009 - 2014

Gender studies, social anthropology, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk university, Brno


2008 - 2011

Combined art studies, Philosophical faculty, Masaryk University, Brno


WORKS [ Selection ]

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