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Bianca Paraschiv, 25 years old, is a professional artist who channels her profound artistic expression through the realms of painting and graphics. Graduating from the National University of Arts, Bucharest, in 2020, with a Degree in Painting, she continued her academic journey with the Master program "Strategies of plastic representation in painting" -2022.  Bianca is a member of the Romanian Union of Fine Artists from Romania. She has participated in about 70  group art exhibitions hosted by well-known galleries and museums in the country and abroad, events in the form of art salons, biennials or galas in art competitions. So far, the artist has had three personal art exhibitions. Bianca draws inspiration from diverse subjects such as philosophy, psychology, architecture, and human anatomy. Her artistic skills extend beyond conventional boundaries, seamlessly blending graphic arts with painting, utilizing a variety of mediums including acrylic, oil, charcoal, liner, and pastels to enrich her technique. In the last three years, Bianca has achieved 18 international and national Art Awards and recognitions in Italy, Spain, USA, England, Canada, Belgium and Romania. Her artworks and collaborations have appeared in many art catalogues and magazines in the country and abroad.                                        




In my artistic journey, I embark on a quest to unravel the intricate threads of human emotion, weaving them into a tapestry that speaks to the universal language of the soul. My work is a celebration of the profound and often ineffable aspects of the human experience, seeking to evoke a visceral response that transcends the boundaries of language and culture. I explore the interplay of light and shadow, form and void, to capture the essence of deep emotions and states of mind translated by colour, referring to the concept of Synesthesie at a subliminal level. I use mediums such as acrylic, oil, charcoal, liner or even pastels to evoke the maximum of expression starting from the level of technique and expanding to the sphere of the message and the subtext I try to reach. For example, in my most recent series of artworks entitled  “Artificial Paradise” and “True colours”, my main interest was to unleash the surface and take a look beneath the apparences and the artificial identities we embody on a daily basis, searching for the quintessential substance we actually crave for. The project materialises a complex process of depicting the real human nature, the revelation of the authentic self behind the artificial masks we show off in the society, all according to the theory of colours and emotions translated by them.We all pretend to be aware of our own self, even if we still learn to decode the infinite facets of our personality, character and mind processes, and art being a great form of self discovery, I dared to face myself and see my “true colours” as well. 




Master "Strategies of plastic representation in painting"  – National University of Arts Bucharest – Note 10

Coordinated by Prof.Univ.Dr. Peter Lucaci


BA – Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, UNArte – grade 9,66 /10 

I graduated with a bachelor's degree as valedictorian for all three years of study


Graduate  of the Department of Teacher Training & Pedagogy Module, level II - with grade 10 /10 

I graduated pedagogical module I within the bachelor cycle at UNArte 

Constanta County Cultural Center "Theodor Burada" – Graphics Department

(3 years) I graduated in 2017 with an average of 10/ 10

High School – "Constantin Brătescu" National Pedagogical College, Constanta

Specialization: Philology, Intensive English
Note the Bacalaureat: 9.29
Certificate, English, translator




  • Summer practice at the Auction House  - Artmark -2019
  • Limited edition hand-painted bags – published in Vogue UK
  • The appearance is for the January 2021 issue
  • Inspired by three personal graphic works Ex Libris Brancusi – 2018
  • Article in Harper's Bazar magazine  about the collaboration between Bianca Paraschiv Art and the Romanian brand Margee Bags
  • Participation in the charity auction "Bikers for humanity"
  • We participated through graphic works, in order to raise the necessary funds for institutionalized children




Member of the Romanian Artists Union 




  • Grand Prize in the Arts Category at the LSRS Academic Excellence Gala  - League of Romanian Students Abroad, XIVth edition hosted by the Palace of Parliament Bucharest 
  •  1st Prize at the AMERICAN ART AWARDS International Competition – Abstract Expressionism Category, Los Angeles, U.S.A., November 2023
  • First prize at the International Competition  "American Edition" New York, Art & Design category, organized by World Talent Ranking USA, in collaboration with Fiestalonia International UK and "Open Italy" – April 2022
  •  First prize at the International Visual Arts Competition "Brancusi seen in 145 portraits", March 2021, Constantin Brancusi Museum, Targu Jiu 
  • First prize at the International Art Competition  "Fall 2022 - Art Vue Prize" - offered by Brussels Art Vue Foundation - Belgium, for the work "Solitude", October 2022  
  •  Second prize at the International Contest  "Artist of the Year"  organized by The Artist Lounge Art Platform and King House Gallery, England, UK  -October 2021
  •  Second prize at the International Competition "Michelangelo's Brush", organized by Fiestalonia Milenio and the Association of Artists, Decorative and Applied Arts and Design Italy – November 2021
  •  First prize  at the Creation Contest "Book Illustrations" 2020, organized by the National Museum of Romanian Literature           





Solo exhibition as guest artist at Oartie Gallery, Tehran, Iran, January 2021     
Personal exhibition at the launch of the Journal of Culture, Art and History, Romanian Manifesto no. 5, illustrated with personal works 2019

at the Faculty of Law Bucharest

Personal graphic exhibition "Reverence", dedicated to Constantin Brancusi, February 17, 2022, at Rotenberg-Uzunov Gallery, Bucharest 


Group exhibitions


  • Participation in ART EXPO DUBAI 2020 in collaboration with the "Constantin Brancusi" National Museum, projection with the winning works from the "Brancusi seen in 145 portraits" Contest
  •  National Salon of Contemporary Art SNAC 2023 - November 2023
  • International Blue Biennale - Brasov, October 2023
  • National Salon of Romanian Graphics 2023, 12th edition, Caminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest - October 2023
  • Group exhibition "Fragments" within ARCUB Gallery  Bucharest - October 2023
  •  Exhibition of Master's graduates - UNA Galeria, July 2022, Bucharest
  • Swiss Art Expo 2022- Zurich, Switzerland- a multimedia exhibition organized by Artbox Projects- August 2022
  • Group exhibition "Gods at the Euxine Pontus", within the Museum of National History and Archeology Constanta, December 2021
  •  "National Winter Salon" Exhibition 2018, Bucharest – painting
  •   Exhibition "CONTEMPORARY PLASTIC ART IN ROMANIA", second edition, "Queen Maria" Municipal Museum, Iasi, February 2021



  •    Limited edition hand-painted bags inspired by three personal graphic artworks from Ex Libris Brancusi Project – published in Vogue UK -  January 2021 issue 
  •       Article in Harper's Bazaar magazine  about the Limited edition hand-painted bags by Bianca Paraschiv Art 
  • Participation in the charity auction "Bikers for Humanity"with graphic artworks, in order to raise the necessary funds for institutionalized children4.  Interview given in the show "Cult... Top" – Radio Romania Cultural, June 2020 

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