In today's reality, where attention is scattered and man defines himself through objects, the artist Julia Shanaytsa finds in this fragmentation and change a source of inspiration. The human desire to describe oneself through objects, these tiny particles of consumer society, becomes a key point in her art.


In her work, the artist explores attributions and objects as symbols of contemporary existence. In analogy to Renaissance portraits, where each object has its own meaning, today's objects become attributes that characterise us in this ever-changing reality.


The complexity of the contemporary system, where objects are impermanent and subject to obsolescence, creates a sense of confusion in the individual. However, it is in this shift and change that the artist finds beauty. The ability to capture moments in this fluid flow becomes the source of its creativity.


EXHIBITIONS (Selection) 2023


Group Exhibition BAAM PopUpKudamm– Paper Edition, Berlin Group Exhibition BAAM Not a Gallery– 6th Edition, Berlin

Art Fair Discovery Frankfurt

Duo Exhibiton, KunstKochenGalerie, Berlin Group Exhibition BAAM –5th Edition, Berlin

Haze Gallery , Group Exhibition "Andy Warhol in Me", Berlin LiTe-House Gallery, GroupExhibition “Black + White”, Berlin




Solo Exhibition, Art Space MaMoney, Berlin

Group Exhibition "Emigration", Cultural Salon For Entrepreneurs Of Berlin, Berlin Art Spring, Group Exhibition, Berlin




WORKS [Selection]

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