1981: born in Novy Urengoi (Russia)

1986 - 1992:Art School in Saporischschja (Ukraine) 

1993: emigrated to Germany 

2003 - 2010: Studies of art, cultural anthropology & textile science at the Technical University of Dortmund. Degree 'Magistra Artium' 

2011 - 2019: Condé Nast Germany (Volunteer, Online-Editor, Managing Editor, Product Manager Digital Products) 




What does it mean to be human? 

Connected to the idea of an increasingly technological, digital, fast paced and AI oriented future, being human is shifting in meaning. In the past, being human was questioned compared to being an animal. Now it is already being questioned compared to artificial intelligence. So what are the core elements of humanity, and what will they become in the future? The distinguishing features shift from ratio and logical thinking to emotions, social relationships and the physical body. 


Walking the line between figuration and abstraction, my paintings explore and discuss different aspects of being human. Consciously using traditional materials such as oils and acrylics on canvas, I build up on the traditional discipline of portrait painting and open up towards figurative but not realistic multi-layered portraiture that captures emotion and vibrancy, and resists sticking to a single reading. By picturing the interpersonal - the invisible but perceptible emotional web that connects us as individuals - my works conceptually invite emotions. As a counterweight to the digital present, I encourage reconnection with the emotional - both with oneself and with others. 


My personal story is deeply connected to my artistic approach. Born in Soviet Siberia in early 1980s, childhood in Ukraine, emigration to Germany in the 1990s - experiencing cultural shifts led to questioning identity and belonging which became impor tant narratives within my work. For me, being human means home. 


Main artistic focus 


research on the subjects of emotion, identity and the human 
techniques of figurative oil and acrylic painting, specializing in portrait and figure 
development of own image, color and form language & gradual abstraction 




03.11.2023 – 27.01.2024: ‘Interaktionen‘ – Charter Projektgalerie, Leipzig (solo exhibition)

02.11. – 30.11.2023: ‘Interpersonal Fiction‘ – U-Bahn-Galerie Maxvorstadt, Munich (solo exhibition)


14.10. – 15.11 2023: ‘The Next Door‘, Off Space/ Zwischennutzung, Sendlinger Str 41, Munich (group exhibition)


08.09. – 03.10. 2023: ‘time-out‘, Galerie Kunstwerk, Landshut (group exhibition)

15.07.2023: ‘The Art of Munich – Schön! Am Horizont strahlt Zukunft in altbewährter Kunst, Kunstblock Balve, Munich (group exhibition) 


02.06. – 24.06.2023: BAODT POP UP, Hofstatt, Munich (group exhibition)

29.04.2023: ‘The Art of Munich – Schwimmend! Unter dem Eis hört man es klopfen‘, Kunstblock Balve, Munich (group)


08.03. – 16.04.2023: ‘The Female Show‘, Munich Art Gallery, Amalienstr. 14, Munich (group)

22.04. – 21.05 2022: ‘Auf der Suche nach dem Wesentlichen‘ – Charter Projektgalerie, Leipzig (solo)

14.07. – 19.07.2021: Wiede Fabrik, Munich (group)
17.05. – 29.05.2021: 'Schau Mich An‘, achtzehnkommazwei Gallery, Munich (group)


06.01. – 30.01.2021: 'ALONE. Pandemic Edition‘ - Live Painting Performance, Schleißheimerstr 62, Munich


26.08. – 13.09.2020: ‘Beyong Faces‘ – Fürstenstr 1, Munich (solo)


02.03- – 08.03.2020: ‘A Changing Landscape & The Female I‘ - New York, Van der Plas Gallery (group) 



WORKS [ Selection ]

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