Yulia Ani was born in 1983 in Kamchatka, Russia. Yulia has also lived in the US and France, and is currently located in Berlin, Germany. 

She received her Bachelor’s degree in Advertising from the Moscow University of Humanity, and her college degree in Art from SKBG Collage in Berlin. 

Yulia Ani has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions in galleries worldwide.




Yulia Ani's artistic journey is a testament to the profound intersections of human experience, a captivating narrative where figuration and abstraction meld in a dance of color, texture, and emotion. Her work transcends conventional boundaries and invites us into a world where intuition and intention converge.

Yulia's art is a study of the tangible and the intangible, where abstract shapes themselves seem to breathe with life. In the spirit of Francis Bacon, she perceives not just external forms but also the vitality, impulse, and latent strength that lies beneath.

Her canvases come alive with a fusion of recognizable forms and abstract color segments, evoking the raw emotional power of Expressionism.


Through the deformation and simplification of shapes, she vividly conveys the inner questions and conflicts. Her use of bright and alluring color combinations amplifies emotional impact, invoking a rich tapestry of associations in the viewer's mind.


Yulia Ani navigates the delicate balance between figuration and abstraction, creating tension between the known and the unknown, the defined and the undefined. Her work becomes a portal - an intimate dialogue with psychology, philosophy, and esotericism, as she seeks to decipher the innermost self through a unique visual and sensory lens. It is an abstract, intuitive painting process that emerges as a pure and unfiltered encounter with the depths of her being.


The duality inherent in her art is palpable - the uninhibited creativity of a child melds seamlessly with the structured control of an adult. It is a testament to the vivacity of her art, which breathes with the same vitality that imbues her process. Yulia's practice is a reflection of her love for the process itself and her appreciation for the tangible, aesthetically pleasing end product.

In Yulia's art, mimesis goes beyond replicating objects; it reinvents how we see and explores the connection between our inner and outer worlds.It delves into the subtle filters that shape our perception.


The finished artwork becomes a conduit for viewers to engage in symbolic reenactment. As they follow the linear forms, they perform and symbolically repeat the gestures that once conveyed a specific state.

Ultimately, Yulia Ani's work merges the cosmic rhythms of the universe with contemporary concerns, addressing questions of identity, social issues, and the complexity of ideas. It blurs the boundaries between representation and abstraction, inviting viewers to explore their own perceptions and emotions.

Yulia Ani's art is an odyssey - an exploration of the human soul and the cosmos - an invitation to self-discovery and contemplation.



Latest exhibitions


2023- Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt, represented by Haze Gallery

2023- Group Exhibition BAAM #5, Berlin

2023- Group Exhibition “Triumph of the Women”, Haze Gallery, Berlin

2023- Group Exhibition “Round + Round”, LiTE-House Gallery, Berlin

2022- Group Exhibition BAAM #4, Moos Space

2022- Group Exhibition “Die Farbe”, LiTE-House Gallery, Berlin

2022- Solo Exhibition in Boxi Espresso, Berlin

2022- Group Exhibition “Imigration”, Forum Lichtenberg, Berlin

2022- Group Exhibition “Heartburn Project”, Theaterhaus Berlin

2021- Every Woman Biennial, London

2021- ZDES na Taganke Gallery, Moscow, "The One Who Watches Earthmen"

2021- Boomer Gallery, London, "What Is Art"

2021- dōdōmu Gallery, online exhibition "Emerging Artists 2021"

2021- The Art Therapy Institute, NC, "The Heart"



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