Born in 1983 in Leningrad. Since 2020 based in Europe, now living in Belgrade. 

In 2007 received a MA of Arts degree from the St. Petersburg Academy of Art. 

Participant of more than 50 exhibitions, 20 of them solo. Membership in Global Art Point, Creatives Database, Helsinki and Union of Artist, St.Petersburg. 

In 2023 made collaboration with streetwear brand “First in space” for capsule collection spring/summer 2023.

From 2009 till 2023 taught fine arts in Repin-instituutti, Kymenlaakso Summer University, Kotka, Finland.

Works kept in State Hermitage Museum (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), National Museum of Karelia (Petrozavodsk, Russia), Salmela Art Center (Mantyharju, Finland) and private collections.




2007            MFA Fine Arts Academy, Graphic Department, St. Petersburg, Russia 

2001            Diploma, Academic Art Lyceum of the Russian Fine Arts Academy, St.    

                     Petersburg, Russia                                                    




2020-2023       Instructor, Repin-Instituutti, Kymenlaakso Summer University & EDUCO, 

            Kotka, Finland (Drawing, Painting, Composition, Printmaking courses)

2009-2020       Instructor, Repin-Instituutti, Kymenlaakso Summer University, Kotka, Finland 

            (Drawing, Painting, Composition courses)

2020-2022       Instructor, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Kotka, Finland (Printmaking)




2023             Third Kingdom, Center 424, Belgrad, Serbia

2023             Archeology of Safety, TransformArt Gallery, Belgrad, Serbia

2022             Forbidden on Territory of RF, Dukley  Art Foundation, Risan, Montenegro

2021             Archeology of Safety, Sevcabel Port, St.Petersburg, Russia

2020             Herbarium, Erarta Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

2019             Way to myth,  WenBo Art Museum, Dalian, China

2016             Reincarnation of the Past, Baozhen Gallery, Beijing, China        

2016             Reflections,  SzentPeter gallery, Quingdao, China    

2016             Herbarium, Galleria Pato, Kouvola, Finland    

2014             Kalevala, Art Center Taidetupa PikkuSelma, Kouvola, Finland

2014             Art of Book Illustrations by Igor Baranov, Art Hall Hermitage, Viborg, Russia

2014             Phenomena, Uusikuva Gallery, Kotka, Finland




2023         Artist-in-Residence, BIAR Art Center, Belgrad, Serbia


2022         Resident and Grant, Dukley  Art Foundation, Risan, Montenegro


2018         Artist-in-Residence , Art Centre "Salmela", Mantyharju,  Finland


2018         Artist-in-Residence, Guanlan Printmaking Base, Shenzhen, China


2014         Artist-in-Residence ,         Kalevalaseura , Tohmajarvi, Finland


2008         Artist-in-Residence , Art Centre "Salmela", Mantyharju,  Finland




I am a professional European-based artist with an academic background. 


I was born at the crossroads of historical epochs. Thirty years after the collapse of the USSR, all the cultural and historical heritage surrounding me during my childhood is now seen as a kind of utopia , which has become part of the cultural code of my generation. 


The themes I deal with are time, collective memory and the illusory nature of the world around us. All this leads me to doubt the progressive evolution of our civilization as an absolute good. 


I use a figurative language of representation, moving between different painting and graphic methods.  


In my works, the main focus for me is to create an atmosphere where the objects placed in space are perceived as images with an undirected reference. This means that signification of each symbol I use can be changed depending on their combinations, thereby interacting with the audience and providing them with the opportunity to build their own series of associations. 


I want everyone who interacts with my works to feel the uniqueness of the moment in which they are present and to realize that they will never be the same again.


WORKS [Selection]

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