Heather is a professional painter living and working in Prince Edward Island, Canada, since 2008.  Formerly from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, she completed her BFA at Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary in 1998.  A painter since childhood, Heather discovered the seductive elements of glass blowing while at ACAD and embraced that as her major for her years there.  Upon graduation, the reality of renting or building her own glass studio was out of reach, so she once again picked up her brushes and discovered an entire, untapped world of inspiration within her surroundings.  Almost entirely self-taught in painting, Heather’s work has evolved into her own unique style with the overall impression of contemporary pop-art, whereupon the image depicted is the sole focus of the painting. 


Heather is currently represented at  Canvas Gallery in Toronto, Ontario,  Adele Campbell Fine Art Gallery in Whistler, BC and Jones Gallery in Saint John, New Brunswick.  Her work can be found in private collections worldwide, in public collections nationwide and on the set of "Suits" and HGTV. 




I think artists look at the world through a different lens, almost as if through a viewfinder.  For me, if you add a tinge of pop-art into the mix you will get a canvas featuring an image depicted as the sole object and a stark background entitling the viewer to focus on the importance of the subject.  It’s my intent to give the observer an unobstructed invitation to view what I’ve put on display, in effect, to spoon feed an image in the form of a nostalgic experience.  


I was born in the 70’s, my life is steeped in nostalgia, specifically with toys and childhood experience and mostly during our formative years.  My goal is to create an environment of warmth and nostalgia for the viewer, an island in a sea of life’s chaos. I love the idea of having something tangible to represent that moment caught in time. So often our memories obscure what was our reality at the time, so bringing back those images in the form of a painting on canvas lets the viewer treasure what was possibly once lost.

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