RACHELE FRISON                     


Rachele Frison (16-01-1995) is an emerging Italian artist who lives and works in Milan.
I studied at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, untill april 2023, after which I s tarted doing group exhibitions, first in Switzerland, then Italy, China and Denmark. 


Before approaching painting I followed a long path related to drawing, which plays a fundamental role in my oil paintings.
In the drawing I am interested in hatching, which I sometimes reproduce inside the pictures. 

My visual education is connected to the world of illustration, fairy tales, and art history. I draw from these themes to deri ve the shapes, the figures, the compositions of my paintings.
The settings of my paintings are intimate and nocturnal, dreamy and primitive, draw on folk legends related to the figures of witches, and water lilies. 


In the last year I am more and more interested in the ritual aspect that takes place in the woods. My production concerns a single place (the forest of fairy tales) creating with my paintings of individual stories, which put together are part of a single great story. 

I think that inside the fairy tale and legends you can find the oldest point of union between civili zations , which gives life to continuous processes of recognition of shapes, colors, situations that recall the collective memory.



NEXT SHOW 2024/2025 


Group Exhibition Como Contemporanea: 16 March 2024

Group Exhibition Emerge Project Space: June 2024

Group Exhibition Copenaghen: June 2024 




Five Gallery: Lugano 2021-2022 (Solo exhibition) 

Jian International Biennale parallel Exibition: Symbiosis Hai Dai Art Museum, Shandong University of Finance Economics Cina 2023 (Group exhibition) 

Italian institute, Hellerup, Copenaghen: June 2023
Giovanni Bonelli Gallery: September 2023
Rea Fair Milan: october 2023
Annarumma Gallery Verona art Fair: October 2023 (filasit start up prize) Prize Under Raffaello Urbino: 25 November 2023 

Home Show Pallavicini Collezione: 25 Novembre 


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