Born in Brasília, the capital of Brazil, in 1978. Self-taught, trained in several art courses in Brazil and California, USA, with studio and residency in BERLIN-GERMANY and FLORIANÓPOLIS-BRAZIL. He started his international artistic career in 2015 when he was selected with two works (Lenha and Vaca IPhuck) to participate in the STENCIL ART PRIZE, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, considered the biggest Stencil event in the world. Kleber surprised with his boldness in challenging the stencil technique, using irregular surfaces and the concept of sustainability.


Participated in the international group exhibition MAIL ART INTERNACIONAL PROJECT and ONDE ANDA A ONDA II – collective of Brazilian artists celebrating 10 years of the MUSEU NACIONAL DA REPÚBLICA ,BRASIL (2016).


In 2017, he had his 1st solo exhibition at the MUSEU NACIONAL DA REPÚBLICA in Brasília, BRAZIL: NORMOSE - The Pathology of Normality, denouncing eyes used to seeing absurdities, apathetic and trained bodies and standardized thoughts. Beings who fear their own greatness.


Participated in the performance BEHIND DOORS – in Byron Bay, AUSTRALIA, with visual artist Leeorah Hursky (2018) ;


Illustrated the book AÍDA COLORIDA (2020)  virtual exhibition at M.A.D.S. ART GALLERY – MILAN, ITALY and the group exhibition Garden of Colorful Mists at HAZE GALLERY – BERLIN, GERMANY and ART LAB GALLERY – SÃO PAULO – BRAZIL (2021)


Solo Exhibition at Haze Gallery-Berlin (2021)

Artist's statement:


I like to observe and collect objects that are discarded because they awaken in me creativity and imagination, causing a deep reflection on what community lives there, what it consumes, what it cares for, from the garbage it produces.


I offer myself as an instrument for the transformation and reframing of this material that is no longer useful, a channel to relive and tell its story, through my art.


That's how I communicate with the world, with my own dialect that I call "Kleberês", my way of talking about the things that disturb or enchant me.


I don't really understand the universe of words or numbers, that's why I use my art - language to access a space without time, where I can play whatever I want, without barriers or borders. In this place, I feel in the body the light present in everything, in everyone, a dip in nothing. A living inspiration in some part of the universe decides to be born right here, in me. Right now I'm a brush, color, art and artist, all together making room for the idea to take shape. I dance the emotion of those who know nothing, just feel. Focused on the process, I let my body free to tell the images of the ancestral stories that come as breaths in my ears.


Here I exist - I belong - I am art.


WORKS [Selection]

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