“The Power Of Simplicity” - Minimalist Art group exhibition



Opening:  Thursday, 7 September   2023, 

Duration:  8 - 23 September  2023

Location:  HAZE.GALLERY website ( link will be published on the day of the opening) 



Join Our Online Minimalist Art Exhibition


Get ready to explore the beauty of simplicity at our upcoming online art show featuring minimalist masterpieces. Discover the magic of less being more as we showcase stunning artworks that use clean lines and soft colors to convey powerful emotions.


Meet the Artists:


Daniel Gianfranceschi

Ben Große-Johannböcke

Klaus Hoffmann


Whether you're a seasoned art lover or just starting to explore, this exhibition is a chance to experience the charm of minimalist art. Each piece tells a unique story with its simple yet meaningful art.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to enjoy art that speaks volumes with its simplicity. Save the dates, and we'll soon share more details on how you can join the exhibition online. Get ready to be inspired!


For questions, reach us at contact@haze . gallery