Haze.Gallery Introducing «Artistic Journey into Buildings and Structures» : An Exciting Online Exhibition Celebrating Urban-Inspired Art


Opening:  Thursday, 5 October  2023, 

Duration:  5 - 21 October  2023

Location:  HAZE.GALLERY website ( link will be published on the day of the opening) 

Curator: Irina Rusinovich 


Haze.Gallery is thrilled to announce the launch of its inaugural online exhibition, showcasing a diverse range of urban-inspired art from talented artists across the globe. This unique digital event aims to foster creativity, collaboration, and artistic expression while providing art enthusiasts with a captivating virtual experience.


This upcoming exhibition brings together a carefully curated selection of artwork that captures the vibrancy and energy of urban environments. From cyanotype to urban photography and mixed media paintings, this exhibition promises to amaze and inspire viewers, offering a fresh perspective on the dynamic world of urban art.


As technology continues to redefine the way we experience art, HAZE.GALLERY embraces the power of the digital realm to create an immersive exhibition accessible to art lovers worldwide. Visitors can enjoy the exhibition from the comfort of their own space, with the ability to browse and engage with the artwork through a user-friendly online platform.



Participating Artists


Alexandra Pikunova @blaue_noten

Jelena Vilesova @jelenavilesova @kupchino_on_fire

Manuel Kolip @manuelkolip