Opening:    Thursday, 01 June 2023, 7  pm
Duration:   01.06 – 16 June 2023



HAZE.GALLERY is happy to present virtual exhibition showcasing stunning surrealist artworks

Experience a journey into the heart of surrealism and beyond, with the upcoming virtual exhibition of breathtaking art to be held from 01/06 - 16/06.


Featuring international talented artists from around the globe, this exhibition takes visitors on a journey through a phantasmagoric realm of dream-like imagery and quintessential surrealism. From the bizarre to the beautiful, viewers can explore unique canvases and discover hidden symbols and messages in the intricate details of each piece of art.


In the exhibition, visitors will have the chance to view and interact with some of the most innovative and daring creations in contemporary surrealism. 


This virtual exhibition is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience the richness and diversity of surrealist art, and it is not to be missed. Visit our website from 01/06 - 16/06, and immerse yourself in the surreal world of artistic expression that awaits.


Participating ARTISTS 


Maria Tsormpatzoglou


Eric Johnston


Dorothee Zombronner