AI ART 3D Collective Exhibition 

Opening:    Saturday , 27 June  2023, 7 
Duration:    27 – 06 June 2023

Location:    HAZEGALLERY WEBSITE  Bülowstrasse 11, 10783 Berlin



HAZE.GALLERY is excited to announce its upcoming virtual exhibition, showcasing AI art from some of the most talented contemporary artists in this field. The exhibition is set to open on May 27th and will close on June 10th.


The collective virtual exhibition will feature a diverse range of artwork from artists who utilize AI technology in their creative process. Through their innovative and inventive work, the artists offer an impressive glimpse at the possibilities of the intersection between technology and the arts.


Despite the virtual nature of the exhibition, visitors can expect a fully immersive experience that highlights the diverse and thought-provoking pieces which explore various themes such as the impact of technology on the arts and how machine intelligence can create the pieces that push what we perceive as art.


The exhibition invites visitors to explore the intersection of technological innovation and the arts by expanding perceptions and challenging perspectives. The artists are sure to impress with their bold and innovative use of technology and exhibit an entirely new level of complexity and nuance in their use of AI.


The virtual exhibition offers a unique opportunity to connect with some of the most talented artists and experience their work in a state-of-the-art virtual gallery. The group virtual exhibition promises to be an exciting experience not to be missed.


We welcome you to join us for a groundbreaking virtual art exhibition exploring the creative depth and diversity of AI art.