Opening:    Thursday, 11 May 2023, 7 - 9 pm
Duration:    11 – 20 May 2023

Location:    HAZEGALLERY, Bülowstrasse 11, 10783 Berlin


The title "I will arrive there on time" suggests, not without irony, many possible significant destinations – The time plays here an essential role for the artist. One of the works (Requiem-box I) reveals the fact that the artist herself does not know exactly where her destination is / what it is, and yet dares to make a very self-righteous statement about her punctuality. Being punctual means having time under control, which can be very valuable, but also carries an uncompromising character. The artist rejects one of her other longings "to go along with time" by manifesting a contradictory statement (CA No. 3) " Time is not for saving". Time is thereby devalued, and Victoria Rosenman sees it as an act of liberation from any determinant aspects in the creative process.

At the same time, the artist allows the viewer to share in her memories, for the sake of her own dismantling, which opens a better understanding of her personality. Being in the "now" is one of the artist's longings. To be more aware of the present and her own ego-understanding, VR reflects on her moments of the past: she shows key figures and objects that contribute to her current beliefs. Some of her thoughts and manifestos are handwritten on copper sheets and others are photographs of familiar figures and faces.


The exhibition could be seen as a section of the artist's self-study, which is also a journey, with many destinations that she intends to reach on time, in her own way.




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