pening:  Thursday , 23 February  2023, 7 pm
Duration:  24.02. – 04.03.2023
Location:  HAZEGALLERY, Bulowstrasse 11, 10783 Berlin

Curator:  Irina Rusinovich 


Pop art – art or outrage? The truth of life or general insanity? Having burst out in Europe in the 1950s, pop art quickly flew across the ocean and became the star of New York parties, where to the deafening music of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Doors, and David Bowie it found a home. Pop Art appealed to the images that flooded people’s lives in the mid-twentieth century: comic books, hamburgers, celebrities, refrigerators, Coca-Cola, cars… – „in short, all those cool modern things that abstract art so assiduously wanted to ignore“ (Andy Warhol). These objects, torn out of their usual contexts and placed in an artistic environment, and then filled the spaces of exhibition halls, either acquired there an infinite progression of meanings, or revealed the brilliance of their extreme absurdity.


Either way, many contemporary painters, inquisitive collectors, journalists and gallery owners have bowed their heads to the power of Pop Art.


Pop Art has now found a second lease of life – there is a renewed interest in its phenomenon. Contemporary artists such as Richard Ryan and street artist Banksy are turning to pop art motifs. Collective exhibitions and retrospectives of Lichtenstein, Indiana and Warhol are organised all over the world. Artists‘ works compete with the legacy of the old masters at Christie’s and Sotheby’s worldwide auctions and often break all records – but is money the true measure of aesthetic and spiritual value? Come and find your own answer.


The exhibition features works by international contemporary artists inspired by the the POP ART movement!


About the gallery: HAZEGALLERY was founded in 2019 with the mission of sharing independent contemporary art scene with the world through exhibitions, pop-up shows, and art gatherings. More information:


Address: HAZEGALLERY, Bülowstrasse 11, 10783 Berlin
Opening hours: 23.02 – 04.03.2023
11:00 – 15:00 Monday  – Friday,
Saturday 13.00 – 16.00
Entrance free.