Opening:    Thursday, 29 June 2023, 7  pm
Duration:    29.06 – 15.07.2023



HAZE.GALLERY is happy to present the  "Monochromatic Passion" - a Group Online Exhibition Showcasing Black and White Photography


The group exhibition features the work of emerging and established photographers whose aesthetic grasp of black-and-white photography is exceptional. "We are excited to present this exhibition to art enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing our collective effort and the beauty of black and white photography," says Irina Rusinovich, the exhibition curator.


The exhibition showcases outstanding talent, spanning fine art photography styles and genres, displaying various emotions and topics in black and white. Each photograph aims to touch viewers profoundly, providing a deeper emotional connection and reaction by taking away the color from the scene and leaving compelling visual elements and details.


The exhibition will open on June 29, 2021, admission is free via HAZE.GALLERY's website. 


"We believe that through art education, aspiring artists can thrive and be the catalyst for change in their communities. This exhibition is our way to support the cause and encourage emerging artists globally," adds HAZE.GALLERY 





Meg Peters @_megpeters

Lisa Achammer 

Johanna Rummel @johannarummel_

Iuliia Pozhidaeva @pozhidaeva____/

Clemens Gritl @clements.gritl

Bennett Johnson 

Anna Dyatlovskaya @ a n n a d y a t l o v s k a y