"My Secret Garden" by Kristina Okan

Art Exhibition opens 25 JUNE at HAZEGALLERY




Exhibition by


an  award nominated international visual artist


Curated by Irina Rusinovich




 “My SECRET GARDEN “, is a new exhibition by Russian born visual artist KRISTINA OKAN . The opening reception is scheduled to take place on THURSDAY  the 25th of JUNE   starting at 7:.00 pm at  the HAZEGALLERY, Berlin The art exhibition features artist’s ceramic, drawing and graphic works and will be on display until 01 August.

Kristina Okan is an award nominated international visual artist, born in Russia in 1991.  Lives and works in Berlin and Moscow. Kristina obtained her Master of Arts Degree from Stroganov`s Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts in Moscow. Her art links include exhibitions and awards across Europe and Asia, including the UK, Italy, Greece, Germany, China.   In her ceramic works, she uses mainly porcelain clay preserving the whiteness and purity of the material focusing on the sense of texture, translucent and opaque effect of the surface, while her drawings and graphic artworks conjoin the complexity of color interaction and transparency.

KRISTINA OKAN , the artist: “The language of abstract geometric forms in visual art is expressive and thought-provoking. In my artworks I challenge the viewer to find their own meaning, wake up feelings and emotions, associations and fantasies, which are more covert, carrying some secret and mystery. I see artwork not just as an object with concept behind– at first, it is a communication of a particular object with a particular viewer. Their private dialogue.

Inspired by Renaissance traditional still lives with theirs visual relish of objects I create sensual biomorphic shapes based on repetitive and fractal modules.
My ceramic works are made mainly of porcelain because of its unexampled and unique qualities as a clay body: its subtlety and fragility. Smooth surface quality refers to something mysterious which intrigues me. This special material is able to give you the sense of texture due to its pure whiteness, astonishing translucence and ability to take on fine details.

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CURATOR : Irina Rusinovich Phone: +491746127171