Interview with Sandra Ruyssinck

Hello, Sandra! Tell us a little about yourself. How did you become an artist?


Well actually...I was born as an artist aha! But it took me quite some time to discovered that the creative visualization the endless fled of ideas and inspiration within me is the tool to balance my life.


I studied economics instead of arts because I also wanted to have an insight and understanding of the world, we live in. For what concerns art, well, I wanted to start from a blanc perspective without any influence of schools or teacher. Being an autodidact in the arts is a challenge that gives me energy. My self-taught approach to artmaking has resulted in a unique and highly individual style that pushes the boundaries my artistic
expression. My work invites the viewer to engage with the journey of self- discovery and the pursuit of personal growth and fulfillment.


Tell us, with does a new works start? Does space affect you as an artist?


As an artist, each of my new artworks begins while connecting with nature. This can be a meditation in my garden, a talk with my birds or a walk outside with my dog. Also, the colors of the light at different times of day have a profound influence on my creative process. For example, I'm particularly drawn to the warm, yellow-orange light of morning as the sun rises. This hue fills me with a sense of renewed energy and optimism, and often finds its way into my work in the form of bright, vibrant shades. In the early evening, I'm captivated by the blueish tints that color the world around me. There's a certain peacefulness that comes with the fading light of day, and I try to capture that feeling in my art by using subtle, calming blues and greys. Of course, I also can't resist the fiery reds and oranges of a spectacular sunset. These bold hues convey a sense of drama and excitement, and I often use them to create intense, dynamic pieces. But even on cloudy days, I find beauty in the soft, diffused light that filters through the sky. The cool, grey tints of a cloudy day can be just as inspiring as the brightest sunlight. And on snowy days, the ultra-white nuances of the landscape fill me with a sense of wonder and magic. Ultimately, I believe that my connection to nature and my environment is what makes my artwork truly special. By observing and responding to the colors of the natural world, I'm able to infuse my art with a sense of vitality and spirit that simply can't be replicated in any other way.

There is a statement that the inner world of a person is influenced by what surrounds him. Do events and the environment affect the thematic and style of your works? How would you describe the style in your works?

During my creative process I focuses on the act of creating, through which the subconscious mind takes over from the conscious, cultivating a sense of harmony and balance. As a result, I create a visual representation of the inner journey of myself. And I invite the viewer to engage with the work on an intuitive and sensory level, encouraging them to reconnect with their inner self. In this way, my work serves as a visual manifestation of the pursuit of personal growth and happiness, embodying the idea of Eudaimonia and the journey towards a fulfilling life. My art speaks to the universal human experience of striving for self-discovery, inviting the
viewer to reflect upon their own journey towards personal growth.


What materials and techniques do you use in your work? Is the choice of their related to the topic of the work?


I combine multiple materials such as acrylic paint, paper, fabric, and found objects to create, layered surfaces and shades. For the red painting that I show in the exhibition “Triumph of The Woman” in Haze Gallery, I used small pieces of lace from lingerie that I was wearing on a travel to Japan. My work is a celebration of life and the human spirit. The use of bright colors and bold brushstrokes creates a feeling of movement and energy,


Please tell us about your first solo exhibition? What is the main conclusion you made after it?


My first solo exhibition was a huge success!
I had a lot of space and white walls to bring my message and to show more that 40 pieces. (Of which 80% were sold). The tittle of the exhibition was EUDAIMONIA which comes from the Ancient Greek word “EU” which means good and “DAIMON" which means soul. I wanted to inspire people to be happy.
Happiness is an attitude that empowers the self and that let you shine! According to Aristotle, Eudaimonia is a sense of bliss achieved by wisely choosing how to act.

You give priority to your struggle for freedom. What does freedom mean to you? Why are you interested in this theme?


Freedom is a basic instinct that is within all of us. I approach freedom from a psychological perspective rather than from a practical view. I find it utterly important to work with a free spirit and mind, free from obligations put on us by society, the art world, myself, and my environment. I look for the unexpected things to happen in my work. Not being obligated to do something, “not having to” or “not needing to” gives a positive energy that I transmit through my work.

Is there any message in your works? What thoughts should they evoke in the viewer’s mind? What is the Sandra Ruyssinck artist trying to tell us in her works?


Yes, my work carries a deeper message about the importance of freedom and self-expression (mentioned above). My pieces encourage viewers to embrace their individuality and find joy in the world around them. My philosophical inspiration comes from Lao Tzu, who believed that the true power of the self lies in its ability to align with the natural flow of the universe, or the Tao. It encourages me to cultivate a sense of harmony and balance within myself, and to live in accordance with the natural rhythms of the universe. With my work I emphasize the importance of self - awareness and the immense power that lies in connecting with the inner
I already mentioned Eudaimonia referring to happiness and freedom. To make it complete I would add that pureness and just being yourself is the biggest power that we have.


Tell us about the creative plans in the future?


I am currently working on an installation that is called SUGAR STORIES. A big minimalistic work in which I want to show that fragility and vulnerability is beautiful and powerful at the same time. To manifest my message, I will work with PORCELAINE and CARDBOARD, which are 2 materials who have both strong and fragile sides. Porcelain can stand more than 1250°C while cardboard burns at 100°C, but porcelain breaks
easily while cardboard can be fold repeatedly. The art piece will be using reflection as a basic theme, reflection as a symbol of a person that feels good and that shines. During the month of April and May I organize 6 open studio weekends in Ghent where people can see my practice and the evolution of this new work. You are all invited and welcome.

Text by Lyubov Melnickowa @lumenicka