Interview with Ekaterina Denisova

Hello, Ekaterina! Tell us a little about yourself. How did you become a photographer?
My name is Ekaterina Denisova, I am 37 years old. It happened accidentally as I was an owner of a business in the travel industry. I was accompanied with photography throughout my life- from taking pictures on my phone during the business trips to the appearance of the first camera during my first pregnancy.
For a long time photography was a hobby, and only after 10 years I seriously took my camera and began photo shooting. Then my life was divided into before and after: the specifics of the work, the people who surrounded me, the rhythm of life.
That is how my journey into the world of photography began.
At what point did you realize that you wanted to work in the nude genre?
I was learning a lot and tried myself in different genres of photography: portrait, fine art, documentary, lifestyle.Unfortunately, my interest to these genres was fading fast and I was looking for something else.
After an author’s course of Julia Artemyeva (MFIAP) «Nude People», I was captured by the psychology of the nude body as a human’s soul. I have started from myself. Exploration of my body, its geometry, shape, and lines inspired me to work with a self portrait through the various states and sensations of my nude.
Your works depict women. Do you think it's easier to convey the beauty of a female image in photography than a male one?
I have no division what kind of nude is more aesthetic - male or female. Nude shooting for me is a fusion of the portrait and abstraction. I have started my discovering from the female body portrait as I’m a woman and by this way for me it is easier to understand the state and nature of the female nude. It is even possible that very soon you will see male nude in my art :)

Who or what inspires you for your creativity? Whose works or actions have greatly influenced your current style in photography?
I’m always inspired by the unity with nature, sense of freedom, whether it is cold rain, wet and sticky sand, floral decorations - I try it all on my body. Exploring these states gives me my inner freedom, purity of my thoughts, overcoming barriers. 
You have taken several practical course with experienced photographers. Which experience of these courses do you consider the most significant for yourself as a photographer? Are such courses necessary for novice photographers?

Each of my teachers came into my life according to my needs and desires: Andrey Nikolskiy
brought me back to photography after a long timeout; Alexey Myakishev became my guide to the world of documentary photography; Andrey Rogozin introduced me to the psychology of photography; Julia Artemyeva helped to systematise all the acquired knowledge together.
It is difficult to advise something, everyone chooses for himself what he needs at the moment. It is important not to be afraid, follow your dream and rely on your inner feelings.
Is there any message in your works? What thoughts should they evoke in the viewer’s mind? What is the Ekaterina Denisova photographer trying to tell us in his works?

My photos are not about sexuality or a call to action. They demonstrate the aesthetics of nudity, physical states, immersion in oneself, unity with nature, acceptance, love and understanding of one's body. Weak in strong and strong in weak, cold and hot, light and dark, contrast and contradiction of states. A combination of art and documentary. I observe myself and my hero from the side, and when I feel a moment of lightness and relaxation, I take a picture.

Tell us about the creative plans in the future?
I could tell you all my plans for this year, but it will take hours, so I will be glad if you follow my news on my website:


Text by Lyubov Melnickowa @lumenicka