Interview with artist Silvana Weisser

Can you describe your creative process when working on an abstract piece?
In me there are very many emotions and thoughts..positive and negative. I try to bring these to the canvas. It is important to me to transform the negative energy into positive energy, because then this should be reflected when looking at it. Positive energy, which has profundity. This happens with very many layers of paint and work processes. In the end, I very often mat the images with many diluted layers of paint, which should achieve a soothing, dreamy character despite strength and intensity. 


How important are colors and texture in your work and how do you incorporate them into your art?
Colors are very important. I use only high-quality colors with high luminosity and pasty type. Through the many layers of paint, these get a special expressiveness. Working with the spatula can strengthen structures.
Could you discuss any specific themes or emotions that often inspire your art?

Yes, personal development is, the growth of one's own personality. Life is movement and change.


In what ways do you think abstract art can be communicated to audiences who may not be familiar with the style or its meaning?
Appeal through the positive color scheme. However, those who are not familiar with art can always tell immediately which picture appeals to them in terms of color. Conveying that the name of a picture can be a signpost. However, everyone is completely free when viewing his thoughts and feelings. There is no right or wrong. Abstract art allows us total freedom, which is individual.

What are some challenges that you have faced in your artistic journey and how have you overcome them?
For me, every work of art is a personal challenge. Otherwise, I have always trusted myself and the process, received a lot of support mentally from various sides, and try to focus on art, and the learning process .giving up is never an option.
Could you discuss any specific materials or techniques you prefer when producing your art?

I work with brushes and palette knives and attach importance to high-quality acrylic paints.


How do you decide when a piece is complete and what factors contribute to your decision?
It must feel right! Aesthetics play a big role, are the colors right? The artwork should be appealing up close and from a distance. And always again 1 night to sleep over it and then decide whether it is ready.
Can you tell us of any of the specific artists or movements that have influenced your work?
Sure, I'm always inspired by other artists. I'm on Instagram, and there are a lot of great artists there. However, I have developed my own style and the inspiration relates more to colors or courage to trust his skill and not always the safest way to go in the painting process.
How do you view the role of the abstract in contemporary society and culture?
With my art, I would like to invite the viewer on a journey to pause, relax and gather positive energy. Mental and emotional deceleration is a fundamental part of our physical as well as mental health. With my art, I would like to contribute something to this.


Finally, what do you hope viewers take away from experiencing your art?
I want them to absorb the positive energy, feel it, and be willing to allow the depth of the images. Thus, go on an inner journey with their own emotions and thoughts.

Text by Irina Rusinovich