Interview with artist KATJA WUNDER

Tell us why are you interested in in abstract art?

Have you ever stood in front of a painting and been fascinated by its power, but completely confused by its meaning? What exactly is that supposed to represent? Is it really art or is it of no value.
What is the artist trying to tell me? Does he even want to tell me something or is he just expressing himself and his feelings. I have often asked myself these questions when I was not painting abstract myself.
At the same time, such images fascinated me with their significance and lightness. While looking at it, I was able to find my own deeper feelings, which probably only unfolded after focusing on the abstract image for a long time.
Abstract painting is a form of art that does not try to create an exact representation of a visionary reality, but uses surfaces, lines, colors, shapes, textures and gestural signs to achieve its effect. Nevertheless, such an abstract image can attract the person with its shapes. That is exactly what inspires me and is what drives me to paint such pictures.


How did you become an abstract artist? Was it a long way to find yourself in art?

This road was very long. At first it took until I dared to do this art form. Furthermore, I thought it was easy to paint abstractly - but it is not! It requires in-depth knowledge of painting techniques, the selection of materials and their behavior in combination, as well
as a certain work strategy.
Little by little, with a lot of patience, practice and many attempts, I have acquired a wide variety of techniques, but I am constantly and constantly learning.


You started your art studies as a child. Have you always devoted your life to art?


Yes, I got into art at an early age. At first it wasn't a particular direction, I looked at art in all its diversity. I was interested in fashion and style, interior design and, as a girl, putting make-up on my or other's faces was also a certain art. I have trained myself in this area through make-up artist courses.
I was also fascinated and inspired by photography with all its facets, so I took part in a professional training course in St Petersburg. So art has always accompanied me on my life path.

A recurring theme in your paintings is the eye. Is it a reflection of yourself in your work, or would you like the viewer to find a reflection of himself there?

only say:

"Eyes can tell, what mouth cannot"

To be honest, I don't ask anything from the viewer.
I don't want to force any viewer to understand my art. When looking at my pictures you should feel something or not. My art shouldn't burden the viewer, but rather convey a liberating and light feeling.


In your opinion, what is the difference between the German artist market and the Russian market? Did you have to rebuild as an artist?

In my opinion there are many creative and talented people in both Russia and Germany.
Due to the great economic differences, however, people in Russia have to be more creative in many areas. There is not everything to buy or there is a lack of financial resources.

Therefore, those affected solve such situations through improvisation, spontaneous practical use of creativity to solve problems that arise.
Everyday life in Russia is simply different than in Germany.
As the saying goes: "Other countries, other customs."


The female image is very common in your work. What is the feminine essence and its reflection in art for you?

Yes, that is true.
I try to transfer the topic of femininity in my pictures and thus give it expression. It is my opportunity as a woman and an artist to gain recognition and respect.
I think everyone craves recognition, be it praise from their mother, father, teacher, or a supervisor.
Recognizing a passion gives us energy and joy.

The last year has not been easy and many artists have included the topic of Covid in their work. How did that affect you?

Yes, it was and is a difficult situation for all people and especially for all artists.
Many have existential worries and / or can no longer pursue their passion as an artist. I did not include the topic of COVID19 in my work as an artist and instead used this time for new ideas and inspiration. In an otherwise fast-moving time, the pace was reduced. I was able to take care of things for which I normally had no time. My creativity has kept my joy in life.
Of course, during this unusual time I also suffered from the fact that many exhibitions in galleries were canceled. The hope of normality soon strengthens me in my artistic work. Such a pandemic also shows us the limits of our life and I personally will not forget that.


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