Interview with artist Anna Moroz

Hello Anja! Thank you for taking time for that interview. When art did appear in your life and what was the starting point?


My pleasure. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. First it was an art school, then an institute, an academy ...but the understanding that I am ready to devote my life to art came to me when I was about twenty years old, in St. Petersburg. I met the artist Vasily Bratanjuk, he made me understand that art is not only inspiration but also hard work ... work of selv development.


You were born in Murmansk, the coldest place in Russia. Tell us please about your life there and how your roots are reflected in your art now?


I never thought about it. Now when I try to analyze, maybe … Do not to forget that Murmansk is not just one of the coldest, but also one of the darkest cities in Russia (especially in the time of a polar night). Therefore it is necessary to use brighter paints so that they are not swallowed up by the darkness (smiles). Sometimes I have to squeeze paint from a tube directly onto the canvas to satisfy my need for color and shape.


How did you find your own unique style of painting or are you still exploring new art languages and techniques? Describe your style, please.


I really hope that by the age of thirty I have not yet reached the home stretch. I cannot say that I am looking for new languages of expression, or new materials, techniques, but in the process of my development. They find me themselves.

I am far from abstraction, in its traditional form, but I never tell the brush what to do.So I will not be surprised if one day my canvas will depict one dott, if at that moment it will display the whole universe for me.

The major topic of your art is women. What do you think about the role and perception of women in the modern word? What idea are you transmitting through the art?


My paintings are a postulate of feminine energy. In them I explore the nature of a woman who is endowed with strength and sexual energy and does not try to hide it. To the question of the role of women in the modern world: I do not divide roles by gender.


Tell us about the process of creation. How do you come up with the idea and when the implementation does start?


When I get to the canvas I almost never know what the result will be. Of course, I also do color compositions, preparatory drawings, sketches. But mostly it is rather a separate work on the development of a shape that is interesting to me, or a search for expressive color combinations.

I often approach the canvas with a certain formed emotional idea, which in the process of work is filled with form.


How do you choose a model for your works? Are you painting from photographs or do people pose for you? Please tell us about the process of working with the model or the choice of the model.


Mostly I myself am a model in my paintings.


What is inspiration for you and where do you derive it from?


At least every second morning I wake up with the feeling that everything is boiling inside me. I think this is just an inspiration.


How do you think the art world will shape in the future?


It's hard for me to predict. An artist is both a reporter and a historian and a thinker and even an innovator. Therefore, without artists, the world will not just become boring but cease to exist. But it is difficult for me to imagine how the market, supply and demand will change.

What are your future artistic plans and current projects you are working on? Tell us please about your future collaboration with Haze Gallery.


It would be very interesting to collaborate with specialists not from the field of art ... with a philosopher for example or scientists. At the moment I am looking for suitable projects.

I will be very glad if we have a fruitful collaboration with Haze Gallery in the future.


And final question, how has the pandemic affected your creative process in terms of goal setting?


I think the pandemic has forced many artists, even those who are skeptical about the „online world“ to look for opportunities to show themselves in the Internet space. Lately I have been working a lot on my internet presents.



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