How to shoot on Phone- 6 tips from world famous Phone Photographers

Fast developing technologies are giving us an immense amount of opportunities and chances to express inner selves. A few years ago it was even impossible to imagine that the moment would be captured and stored not only in memory, but also on an electronic device. And it will be available to absolutely everyone. At the moment it is not obligatory to buy expensive equipment to make an original and really nice and quite professional image. In this article you will find tips from world-renowned photographers who take great shots using the camera of their phones.



1.Black-and-white shots preserve the quality of photography


Bold and mystical - this is how one can characterize the pictures of one of the most popular Japanese iPhonographs Masaki Kai (@mr007). Like most experienced photographers, the Japanese has its own distinct style - as a rule, his photos are black and white and extremely contrasting. Often there is a mysterious figure, a mysterious character, who is the main character of the events taking place on the other side of the camera.



2. Find your unique feature


Mehmet Kirali (@civilking) is one of the most famous Turkish photographers. He shoots with his iPhone and pays special attention in his photos to colors, or rather unusual and even crazy combinations of different colors and shades.

Turkey is not the only country in the photographer's pictures. He brings his amazing photos from different parts of the world.  "Colors speak all languages," Mehmet Kirali is sure. And when you look at his photos, you make sure that this is indeed the case.



3. Right perspective is essential


The American Daniel Waldron (@dew) appears to love taking pictures of absolutely everything without exception. Among his photos we can find attractions, landscapes, and various still lifes, and cute family photos. Frankly speaking, Daniel's Instagram tape would be like hundreds of others if not for one "but". Each of the photographer's shots are really well done. What's more, they are complete works of art on which you unwittingly hold your gaze. Even the most ordinary street can be presented from a very unusual angle. And this already sets the photographer apart from hundreds of others.



4.Pay attention to landscapes, not portraits


It turns out that the huge metropolis consists of many parts, and on its streets there is an amazing life. Millions of people live each of their lives, and all together they create a different atmosphere of the city, and Sam Horine (@samhorine) is like here with his iPhone (all his works he creates exclusively with this smartphone). As a result, on his page on Instagram is a continuous narrative on "New York, as tourists do not see it", and it's actually a worthwhile story.

New York City is not only skyscrapers led by the Empire State Building, Central Park and Times Square, but also a unique atmosphere of one of the most important cities in the world. It is not an easy task to pass it on, but Sam Horine copes with it perfectly. In his works, New York is regularly presented from a completely unexpected side, and such that sometimes it is hard to believe: this is also New York.


5.Express your own vision even making the ordinary photo


Mustafa Seven (@mustafaseven) is a Turkish photographer who creates amazing street pictures in its classical sense, when a photographer captures an event, rather than creates a story himself. Thanks to this, all his works are very different - from pictures of passers-by in the streets of cities to almost philosophical rural motifs.


At the same time, it would be wrong to think that Mustafa Seven simply captures the world around him without much distinction, not at all. In these pictures, he carefully reflects his view of life - direct, optimistic and with a little irony, so that his works, made, by the way, different photo techniques, allow not only to look, but also "read" himself. And this gives them an additional effect, which was appreciated not only by Instagram users, but also by visitors to various photo exhibitions, in which Mustafa Seven is actively involved.



6. Don’t be afraid


TIME magazine has launched a series of special issues dedicated to famous women, for which all the covers were filmed on iPhone. The series was prepared by Brazilian photographer Luisa Dörr.

In an interview for TIME, Luisa Dörr explained why she preferred the iPhone camera. According to the photographer, the iPhone provides high quality finished shots regardless of time, place and weather conditions. What's more, the smartphone seems "less intrusive" to shooters than bulky professional cameras.


Art has no boundaries! 


Text by Lisa Lukianova @llukianova_



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