Gallery Interns Needed


Gallery Interns 













HAZEGALLERY is seeking an  intern to join our team as soon as possible


We are looking for a driven and talented individual who can bring their unique skills and experiences to our program.




•Help create gallery-related content for our online platforms which include our website, Facebook, Instagram 


•Maintain our Social Media accounts and propose ways to help gain followers.


• Help design and build out the space as needed


•Install and De-install the work, organize inventory, work directly with the director and artists to receive and return artworks, help maintain the space


•Skills: basic woodworking experience, gallery or art handling experience is highly preferred. 


• Maintain gallery hours and direct assistant to the Founder, assisting in the daily running of the gallery. 


Interns are expected to work in the gallery 2-3 shifts a week. Each shift is from 3 pm until 7 pm. Interns can switch days if necessary to accommodate their plans. 


Interns will work directly with our gallery founder well as be involved in all tasks associated with running a contemporary gallery space. 


The internship is conducted on a 3-month schedule (unless otherwise specified by your program or university). There is no fee or monetary compensation. At the end of each 3 months, interns will have a review and both parties will decide whether to continue the internship. Interns must currently reside in Berlin.


Skills valued:


Proficiency in word processing software, excel, photoshop, InDesign


Sales and customer relations


Detail-oriented and highly organized


Proactive and self-motivated


Accountable and responsible


The English language is a must, German and Russian is highly appreciated


If interested, please email me with your weekly availability so we can schedule an interview, either at the gallery or via zoom 


HAZEGALLERY is a gallery space dedicated to showcasing both international and local emerging and established artists. 

Interns should be hard-working and independent with good writing and communication skills. These positions are perfect for creative students interested in seeing how a gallery functions.