«Enigmatic Realities» - 3D Group Exhibition at Haze Gallery


Opening:  Friday, 16 February  2024, 

Duration:  16 - 01 March  2024

Location:  HAZE.GALLERY website ( link will be published here on the day of the opening) 

Curator: Irina Rusinovich 


We are excited to invite you to "Enigmatic Realities," an immersive 3D group exhibition at Haze Gallery. In this exhibition, we will be introducing the works of several talented new artists who have recently joined our gallery.


"Enigmatic Realities" will take you on a journey into surreal and thought-provoking works, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur. Each artist brings a unique perspective, creating a diverse collection of artworks that will intrigue and inspire.


The exhibition will be hosted online from February 16th to March 1st, allowing you to explore the artworks from the comfort of your own space.