KOCHUBEY identifies themselves as an Alien and a spiritual child of Yayoi Kusama and Salvador Dali. Unique creative artist and personality, KOCHUBEY delivers bold, colourful works with repetitive patterns  as well as powerful black and white large scale statement paintings, where words take the full domination of the canvas.


KOCHUBEY was born in 1986 and moved to Berlin in 2011. Its the 80s in New York and art by Warhol, Basquiat and Haring that inspired her  own artist practise. Pop expressionism, conceptual art, pop art and art brut - KOCHUBEY works are full of autobiographical, psychic and queer content.


KOCHUBEY is a prominent figure on Berlin art scene and one of her paintings is in permanent collections of URBAN NATION - Museum for Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin.


Artists solo show “ALCHEMY OF A SPIRIT” opens on the 4th of November at the HAZEGALLERY on Bulowstrase 7. Come here to experience a colourful escape, to bath in the symphony of eccentric canvases: KOCHUBEY delivers electrifying and highly vibrational art.