Victoria Rosenman


Victoria Rosenman (born in 1986 in St. Petersburg) lives and works in Berlin. After studying art in Switzerland, she received a scholarship from the PIC Selected for her project About destroying a muse. She works with multimedia and her works are represented in private collections, galleries and museums.


Victoria Rosenman poses radical questions to the finding of identity and to the fragile process in the alignment of interpersonal relationships: “Who are you? What do you see in me? What could I be for you? What would I be without you? How far will you go? What are you allowing?
How does the emotional tension discharge? Will reach the
contemplative level of absolute art or do we crash?” For the artist, her emotionaless vis-a-vis stats is a mask of the and she wants to explore the boundaries between her own ability to self-abandonment to pure obsession. She describes this span of illusion and dependence as "deliberate uncertainty", from
which she also wants to release new creative and radical forces in the face of the “destruction of the muse”, which is ultimately necessary from her point of view.


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