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Peter Westerhof (1963) discovered architectural photography in 2010.


He has been photographing since childhood, but in 2010 he began a series of photography courses at the SKVR in Las Palmas, Rotterdam.

Since then, he has focused on a specific genre: architectural photography.

He sold photographs to architecture firms (e.g. DP6 architecture studio, Maas architects) and architecture-related companies (e.g. Euramax Coated Products, Amicon Fabrication, Manifold Design). Prints of his work have been sold to private individuals.


From 1989 to 2000 he worked at Utrecht University as a study advisor, policy officer, department director and secretary of project economics. In 2000 he switched to Notion pictures & net. He studied sociology and history.

In 2019 he published his first book on architecture: Buiten Westen, het nieuwe bouwen in de stedendriehoek.


Artist Statement:

Architectural photography is not only the beautiful depiction of a building but also the representation of more abstract lines and color. Three dimensions of a building become two dimensions in the photograph. Parts of buildings thus become new works of art, sometimes they almost look like photographs of sculptures.




2020 'Architecture in Photography - URBAN ENCOUNTERS', group exhibition, Haze Gallery Berlin
2019 'Moderne architectuur in de stedendriehoek', solo exhibition, Havenplein, Deventer
2018 'Transformatie in havengebieden', solo exhibition, Havenplein, Deventer
2016 'Moderne architectuur', solo exhibition, Praamstra, Deventer
2015 'Architectuur', group exhibition, Las Palmas, Rotterdam

Buiten Westen, het nieuwe bouwen in de stedendriehoek, 2019
DP6 jaarboek architectuur 2019
Beeldbijbel Deventer 1250, 2018
Inspiratiepublicatie Impskamp Printing 2017
DP6 jaarboek architectuur 2017


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