LOCATION: Bulowstrasse 11, 10789, Berlin

EXHIBITION DURATION: 16.09 - 24.09.2022

VERNISSAGE: 15.09.2022 AT 7PM


The 11th edition of Berlin Art Week will take place from 15.09 - 24.09.2022 and HAZEGALLERY appreciate the introduction of a new project by Konstantin Schneider called TIME IS YELLOW. It will be a ten-day happening dedicated to the contemporary crisis. Among other topics, Konstantin addresses the issue of money; money losing its value due to inflation and therefore its importance is likely to diminish for more and more people in the future. Today humanity is once again faced with the alternatives of "having or being" and, recently, even "yellow or love". 

Yellow color is one of the main themes in Konstantin's works and its importance for the artist as a medium between him and viewers.  This is the tool for Konstantin to demonstrate tension in human society, anxious because of the circumstances in which we exist in the contemporary world. And at the same time, yellow color is very active and bright, it is the color of force and symbol of the rapid changes that characterized our century.

For ever since it became apparent that money only governs the world badly because everyone has to chase after it in order not to go. It has become apparent that MONEY rules the world badly because everyone has to chase after it in order not to go bankrupt, since autocrats and oligarchs can only keep their heads above water with dubious methods.  

Since the American dream is over, there is a chance in reaching back to age-old traditions, communities of faith and relationships. To still be able to look forward to the future thus quite obviously has the price of abolishing "normality", a recognition, which Konstantin Schneider already gained because of his earlier works which were great dissent in the "normative power of the factual".

In TIME IS YELLOW project guests of the gallery will see what the author thinks about global problems and how consumer society functions today and how it can be changed in future or make more problems for our civilization. Because the fact that power makes people stupid, because so many strive for it, is unfortunately no longer noticeable since attempts have been made to convince people using  the "art excitement" that a round head is no longer enough for THINKING to change the direction.




Konstantin Schneider, a.k.a the Kunstkontakter, graduated from the University of the Arts in Berlin with a degree in communication. He has lived in Berlin since 1983, almost 40 years. Konstantin has earned respect far beyond Berlin as an Art Ambassador over the last 16 years. He has a lot of exhibitions around the world and projects at Art Fairs.