#opencall Exhibition Opportunities


Here are our current open calls for curated exhibitions! 



Open Calls Opportunities for in-person exhibitions in HAZE.Gallery 


22.06 - 01.07 / Wild Souls / Animal & Nature  Art  -

DEADLINE 01. June 



Open call Opportunities for 3D Exhibitions 



01.06 - 17.06 «Beyond your Dreams» Surrealism-themed Collective 3D Exhibition 

Deadline 18 May 


29.06 - 15.07 «Monochrome Passion» Black and White Photography 3D Collective Exhibition 

Deadline 15.June 


13.07 - 27.07 “The Power of Simplicity” Minimalist Art 3D 

Deadline 01.July 


27.07 - 12.08 «Festival Of Life» Still life Collective  3D Exhibition  

Deadline 09.July 


03.08 - 17.08 "Sartorial Lens: A Contemporary Homage to Fashion Photography Icons" 

Deadline 22.July 




For participants from other cities:


Delivery and packaging of originals in both directions to the gallery (Berlin GER)  and back at the expense and responsibility of the Artist.


For artists:


- Participation in the exhibition, organizational Fee of 60 – 135 Euro depending on wanted options and exhibition type. 

- Installation/Dismantling by the gallery (except HAZE BAZAAR Fair)

- E-newsletter and Social Media promotion (21,000+ gallery&magazine subscribers)

- Gallery-designed e-invites for artist distribution

- Opening and Closing  Reception

- Photo Reportage of the event 

- Press release and promotion via press partners 

- Details of the exhibition on our website

- Pricing advice and sales support

- Curatorial advice

- Wall-mounted artist statement and artwork listing

- Post about each participant in the social networks of the organizer;

- Commission of the gallery for the sale of works – 30% for indoor and 25%  for 3D exhibitions. 


Works are accepted in any genre, in any technique and media,

graphics, watercolors, sketches, photos,

Collages, a canvas on cardboard.


APPLICATIONS are accepted by emailing contact@haze.gallery with the subject of the exhibition you are interested in.


1) Send your info:

Bio, CV, City, links to social networks + a short text of intent.

2) Send photos of your artwork, and sign each one in the file name before you send it:

Title size materials cost.jpg

(Title 70x50 cm oil on canvas 700 EURO .jpg)

3) Payment of the entry fee is due once your application is approved; the number of places/walls is limited!


Any questions:


+49 (0) 1746127171