Open Call for Art: Nature, Botanical and Animal Art

Theme: Nature, Botanical, and Animal Art 
Deadline 01.06 
Location Haze Gallery 


EXHIBITION DATES 22.06 -01.07 


Attention all visual artists! 


We are looking for submissions centered around the themes of nature, botanical, and animal art. Whether your pieces are portraits, abstracts, or anything in between, your art will be celebrated. 


We are particularly interested in shedding light on the intersection between art and nature, emphasizing the beauty of the natural world through an artistic lens. We welcome any styles and media, from digital to sculpture. 


To apply, please submit 3-5 pieces of your artwork that best represent your style, with a brief summary of the pieces and your artistic statement about why this project is important to you. Please also include a link to your recent portfolios as well as any other related social media accounts you may have. 


For participants from other cities:


Delivery and packaging of originals in both directions to the gallery (Berlin GER)  and back at the expense and responsibility of the Artist.


For artists:


- Participation in the exhibition, organizational Fee of 60 – 135 Euro* depending on wanted options and exhibition type.




- Installation/Dismantling by the gallery (except HAZE BAZAAR Fair)

- E-newsletter and Social Media promotion (21,000+ gallery&magazine subscribers)

- Gallery-designed e-invites for artist distribution

- Opening and Closing  Reception

- Photo Reportage of the event 

- Press release and promotion via press partners 

- Details of the exhibition on our website

- Pricing advice and sales support

- Curatorial advice

- Wall-mounted artist statement and artwork listing

- Post about each participant in the social networks of the organizer;

- Commission of the gallery for the sale of works – 30% for indoor and 25%  for 3D exhibitions. 


Works are accepted in any genre, in any technique and media,

graphics, watercolors, sketches, photos,

Collages, a canvas on cardboard.


APPLICATIONS are accepted by emailing with the subject of the exhibition you are interested in.


1) Send your info:

Bio, CV, City, links to social networks + a short text of intent.

2) Send photos of your artwork, and sign each one in the file name before you send it:

Title size materials cost.jpg

(Title 70x50 cm oil on canvas 700 EURO .jpg)

3) Payment of the entry fee is due once your application is approved; the number of places/walls is limited!


Any questions:

+49 (0) 1746127171




Submissions should be sent to on or before 01.06 We look forward to viewing your work!