Apply to a curated 3D SOLO exhibition 

ONLINE SOLO exhibition is:


1. A possibility of placing your portfolio, if an artist does not want to participate in a group exhibitions.
2. The ability to place your works series  if there is no topic in the open calls section that would be suitable for the artists works.
3. ONLINE Solo exhibition is an opportunity to place your works in an online gallery.
4. For ONLINE solo exhibitions, the artists does not need to send the work to another country, worry about their safety, etc.
5. ONLINE solo exhibition is suitable for emerging artist who has no experience of cooperation with galleries, but has a desire to place their work in the gallery and at the same time avoid various difficulties with sending works, documents, etc.


Conditions for submitting an application:


1. The artists portfolio should consist of a series of works ( from 15 - 30 ) with a single theme and in a certain style.
2. The author's portfolio must contain works created no more than 10 years ago.
3. If the theme of the solo exhibition coincides with the theme of the upcoming group exhibition, the solo exhibition can be placed no earlier than one month after the end of the group exhibition.
4. ONLINE Solo exhibition will be placed in the online gallery for 2 weeks.
5. The dates of the solo exhibition placement are discussed with the author individually.
6. The gallery places no more than 30 works, while the gallery team decides which works will be placed in the solo exhibition.


The cost of participation in the ONLINE solo exhibition:


1. The cost of participation in the ONLINE solo exhibition is 95 EURO (an exhibition in an online gallery, an Instagram post about the author and his exhibition, several stories in Instagram during the solo exhibition, interview, pdf catalogue, email mailing) 


At the end of the ONLINE solo exhibition, the author, if desired, can post his bio and portfolio on the gallery's website.

Please apply using the  form below !

Once the applications is reviewed we will come back to you ASAP


Thank you for your application! 
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