Apply to a curated 3 D exhibition now! 

Some points we would like you to follow for applications for the open calls
-Use only low-resolution jpg files for the first application (we simply can not open big files via our e-mail). 
-If you use our email directly for the application (not a contact form on the website) attach low-resolution jpg files to the letter. We DO NOT accept Google drive links etc.
-Do not forget to write the name of the submission
If we don’t get back within a week please accept our apologies, we enjoyed seeing your work however we feel this particular artwork does not fit completely with the theme of the Open Call. 
Anyway, we’ll be waiting for your next application


We are currently accepting applications for the following  online exhibitions OPEN CALLS in 2021


* 3D Virtual Exhibition [ Folk stories. Going back to the roots ]

Photographers and painters, which portray the authentic/distinctive cultures and people1.06 - 15.06 SUBMISSION DEADLINE 20.05 


* 3D Virtual Exhibition [ Black & White Photography ]  20.06 - 5.07 Photographers only SUBMISSION DEADLINE 10.06 


* 3D Virtual Exhibition [ The Seasons ] 10.07 - 25.07 Photographers and painter SUBMISSION DEADLINE 1.07


* 3D Virtual Exhibition [ Street Photography] 10.07 - 25.07 Photography only Submission deadline 01.07


* 3D Virtual Exhibition [Landscape Art] 01.08 - 30.08  Any Media Submission deadline 26.07


Unless otherwise stated HAZEGALLERY accepts all forms of contemporary young art defined by the OPEN CALL theme! 




More information about OPEN CALLS 

Please apply using the  form below !

Once the applications is reviewed we will come back to you ASAP


Thank you for your application! 
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