I work in the neo-pop art style. My paintings are digitally created and also present in NFT-art format.


My heroines are women who have lost their identity and found it in merging with nature. They are depicted at the moment of connection with their essence and nature. In an attempt to return to nature, they reincarnate into wild, primitive creatures. In fiery passion and expression, lost in strange dreams, they freeze in an ecstatic pose, wholly immersed in psychedelic phantasm. The acidic, bold colors of the canvases belong to computer aesthetics and animation. Characters become a kind of primal jungle dweller, part of a mini-universe, where everything that exists merges into a single color cluster, acquiring a different meaning. This is a kind of hunger, thirst - of nature. The desire will touch the source one more time to become a part of it and find freedom. Color carries a special meaning; its intensity essentially determines the maximum presence at the moment. Color is a significant participant in my paintings. The power of color ratios and textured brushstroke - creates a unique sense of volume and dynamic. The smear becomes a full-fledged participant in everything that happens. Linearity, the flatness of the image - the graphic structure, determines its symbolic origin.


My pieces reflect a crisis in society created by the digital metamorphism of the female as she sees herself extruded through the prism of an online persona. The only way to transcend this crisis is through connection with nature and painful transmutation into the reincarnated self. A stronger identity is formed by observation of self through a digital lens, synthesis of all previous ids, the dissolution of the ego, and the emergence of the new.


Curated by Lyubov Melnickowa @lumenicka