3D SOLO EXHIBITION by Taehyung Kim "Resetting State"

3D SOLO EXHIBITION by Taehyung Kim "Resetting State"


My photos are the result of personal experiences, searching for light, color, shape, and scenery, with a preference for moments of stillness and emptiness, and also the contemporary profile of the location. Very influenced by documentary photography, however, I am interested in the conversation of objective imageries with a more contemporary aesthetic. 


The format, as well as the technical and practical aspects of the photograph, are important to me, but never more than the content of the image. For me, the act of photographing is more than passive observing and to record emotional state. 


The brief emotional state experienced; surprise, is as the result of an unexpected event. It is a “resetting” state of mind because, for a fraction of a second, the mind is cleared of thought in a daily life.


I intend to push my own image-communicative attitude to develop a series of observations and therapeutic approaches within relationships with people around me and my personal experiences.


Curated by Lyubov Melnickowa