VIRTUAL EXHIBITION “The Triumph of a Portrait”

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VIRTUAL EXHIBITION “The Triumph of a Portrait”


Curator | Iren Russo 
Assistant | Sasha Grigg 
Coordinator  | Lyubov Melnickowa 


Opening 12/03 from  7pm | Duration 12/3 – 28/03 


On March the 12th, Hazegallery will present a new virtual exhibition, “The Triumph of Portrait, featuring works by contemporary young artists working in different media. 


The exhibition will acquaint the viewer with the portrait as a genre of fine art, with its diversity, types and subspecies, with its long development, formation and extinction. Consider a portrait as a reflection of a an era: the way of life of people, their ideals and ideas about a person, understanding the individual personality through the prism of the dominant worldview of the present time. 


This exhibition is a good opportunity to talk and discuss the very definition of a portrait.

Portrait - as a product of a compromise, an agreement between the artist and the model, between the aesthetics determined by the independent rules or traditions of the genre and the individual requirements of the customer; as a transfer of the artist's personal attitude to the model, his own worldview in his inherent creative manner.


Participating Artists: 


Yongqi Liu
Regine Temmel
Peyman Naderi
Marketa Cenkerova
Ermanno Cavaliere
Julia Efimova 
Daria Zaseda
Camille Theodet
Anna Moroz
Anastasiya Tanzybaeva


others to be confirmed 


For press material and interview requests please contact:
Iren Russo| Olivaer Platz 17 10707 Berlin | Email: