The Concept of Authenticity: A Group Exhibition of Figurative Art

Reception | Friday, June, 4, 2021, 4 - 6 pm
Exhibition Duration | June 5 – June 25 , 2021, 10 am – 6 pm

Curator | Iren Russo       Jr.  Curator | Sasha Grigg        Coordinator | Lyubov Melnickowa


Haze Gallery is now pleased to present you The Concept of Authenticity: A Group Exhibition of Figurative Art, an exhibition of the new epoch of emerging international contemporary figurative art at its Schoneberger address from 05 – 25 June 2021. The project will present 20 emerging artists in figurative art to an audience of international and local Berlin collectors, artists and art connoisseurs.


The artists explore contemporary subjects, including gender and sexuality, society and politics, race, and body image. Pushing the notion of figurative painting, the bodies they depict may be fragmented, morphed, merged, and remade but never wholly cohesive. They may also be fluid and non-gendered, drawn from news stories, represented by animals, or formed from the paint itself. From a perspective of raising questions, this exhibition brings together various professionally trained artists. With a shared academic background of these individuals, the show intends further to discuss the possibilities of figurative painting at present. 


Participating Artists 


Amelie Degendorfer
Catarina Carraro 
Can Roy Huang
Darja Linder
Elena Bulycheva
Emanuel Heim 
Jana Jacob
Janina Serr 
Joana Lucas
Johanna Bath
Marc Allgaier 
Marina Liubaskina
Sophia Bharmal
Sophie Delest
Terro Abaffy
Wladimir Timler 


Online participating artists 

Ewa Ludwig
Laila Uzarova
Spencer Chalk Levy
Victoria Salma
Yulia Belasla