On February 27, HAZEGALLERY Berlin will host the opening of the BODY – POSITIVITY international exhibition, which will be held as part of the PURPLEHAZE MAGAZINE anniversary 005 issue launch. 
The exposition will include works by contemporary artists from Europe, made in different media: graphics, installation, video and photography.


Curator: Iren Russo
Assistant: Sasha Grigg
Coordinator: Lyubov Melnickowa


The BODY – POSITIVITY exhibition reveals the topic of finding one's own identity through the collected and reworked experience. Whether it's the personal experience of the author or the experience of an entire generation. An attempt to find the constituent elements within and outside of oneself. Go beyond the limits of your understanding by changing the point of perception in order to find a different entrance to the existing reality. Put together separate pieces and find integrity. Collecting artifacts of the surrounding reality into objects and  compositions, artists grope the way to their mosaic individuality and reflect on the problem of self-determination through interaction with real space in this multi-layered information- chaotic world. 


The exhibition will feature works created in different genres, which tell about the search by modern man for the moment of harmony of the inner world and the endless chaos of events 
outside of it. 


Opening | February 27, 2021 at 18:00. 
Free admission | 16 + 
Exhibition Dates | February 27, 2021  –  March 13, 2021
Working hours | by appointment 
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