“Analogue Photography"

On April the 10th, Hazegallery will present a new virtual exhibition, “Analogue Photography" featuring works by contemporary young artists working on film photography. 


Eight photographers  from different countries will represent at the exposition their works


Film photography took an important place in the history of photography, as well as a special genre

Despite the fact that the modern world offers a huge number of opportunities to simplify the creation of photographs, many photographers remain faithful to this genre.

Why? The limited number of frames makes you think more carefully about the choice of the frame and all its components. An unpredictable result surrounds the whole process with a special magical veil until the very moment the photographs are developed.


Film photography is magic you can create yourself


Participating Artists: 

Anna Tytarenko

Lara Micheli

Noemi Heidel 

Félix Chirinos

Élyse De La Croizetière

Fabian Kochendoerfer

Katya Stelmashchuk

Ekaterina Kozlova
Sebastian Steimel


Curator: Iren Russo, Sasha Grigg

Coordinator: Lyubov Melnickowa


For press material and interview requests please contact:

Iren Russo| Olivaer Platz 17 10707 Berlin | Email: contact@haze.gallery