Group Exhibition "Garden of Colourful Mists"


Group exhibition “Garden of Colorful Mists”


Location: Haze Gallery | Bülowstraße, 11 10783 Berlin


Curator | Iren Russo 

Assistant | Sasha Grigg


Opening 07/05 at 7 pm - 10 pm | Duration 08/05 - 29/05


Abstractionism as an art form has a clear impact on the self-awareness of the audience.

What will remain of the core that is connecting us now living, with the past and the future generations? What will determine our consciousness and actions? Symbols of faith and words will last forever. 

Perhaps their names will change, but the graphic images-symbols will remain, and the reference stream of knowledge will continue to broadcast through them. The symbol is not only a recognizable silhouette, but also color, texture, smell, sound, a message about feelings and experiences. 


All the current progress in science is leading to higher quality, supersensitive methods of transmitting information. But what compares to human feelings and empathy? So, the most important thing is to develop this ability, and the surest way is to participate in the creative process through experiencing and comprehending the creativity of artists.


Abstractionism does not copy everyday life, does not appropriate the beauty of the surrounding world, nature and man, but gives birth to its own space and creates an impulse for life to continue the existence of the Universe.


Participating Artists: 


Hadassa Wollman
Joram von Below 
Kseniya Sokolovskaya 
Lara Julian 
Marco Bordigton
Alena Gulenko
Anna Tsvell
Beagy Zielinski
Kleber Cianni 
Clara Lemos
Gulce Tulcali
Hagen Meinke
Katja Wunder 
Mathias Escotto
Maxim Smolow
Noa Reichenberg
Paul Kuntze
Pauline Schulze
Sujin Kim
Sofija Novakovic

Camille Schaeffer

Anastasiia Tanzybaeva



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