Open Call to support all the artists “Give Art a Chance” 3D & Offline

In these difficult times, Hazegallery founder Irina Rusinovich in collaboration with an artist and fine art photographer Dusia Sobol decided to support artists of all nationalities and from all over the world, and are announcing a new international 3-D and Offline Exhibition Open Call


Artists from all countries, nationalities and backgrounds are welcome.


Any medium is welcome: painting, graphics, sculpture, photography. Ideally these must be new works created especially for this open call.

What you need to do to take part:

-  post the work on your Instagram page (story, post) and tag us: & @dusiasobol 
-  tell us that  you are participating in the open call "Give Art a Chance" 

-  let us know the type of exhibition you are participation i.e. 3D or Offline


Dusia will be curating all the photography artists 
Irina artists who work with all other medium 


The offline event will take place in Hazegallery from 1 - 3 of April and will showcase artists  who are located in Berlin.
The 3D online exhibition will show Artists who are located internationally. 


On March 16th we will contact you with the details of the offline and online exhibition participation. 


Submit your application by email with the subject of the letter "Open Call"

Deadline to apply: 15th of March!