Open Call for art to support freedom of speech/art

Submit your ART to 3D exhibition «DO NOT GO OUT THE WINDOW»

There is a theory in global politics and social studies called The Overton Window, it clearly shows us how human society can adapt to any changes, both positive and negative. Never mind how unacceptable were originally new rules, when they just arise, after a while, with the right propaganda activities any rules become in the norm category. According to this theory, a lot of totalitarian societies arose, which remember world history. Begun as a categorically disapproved of changes in society, boycotted and protested, after years, they led to the fact that totalitarian and authoritarian became the basis of the state system. But this theory can work not only with negative developments, for example, but some social phenomena, like slavery or infringements of rights of different social groups, also passed away becoming relics.
A vivid illustration of the phenomenon of The Overton Window is the situation in modern Russia. Before the 24th of February 2022, the majority of the citizens of the country can't imagine what human tragedy will be coming soon. Because even a word war was something unbelievable and disgusting for all normal people. Many Russians have family members, acquaintances, and friends from Ukraine. What’s going wrong? Why couldn't we stop this tragedy? And more importantly, what can we do now, when this terrible word — war has become a part of our daily lives? Because of the authoritarian politics, many people choose to be silent, to give in to the diktat. Not because they are cruel or bloodlust, it’s because of the fear: fear of the repressions, fear to stay one-on-one with the police and the justice machine, or putting our loved ones at risk.
Many contemporary artists, who live in Russia, have to be silent. Every wrong word can be critical and be regarded as discrediting the Russian army.
But still, some artists remain incredibly brave, they continue to protest the authoritarian and military state, fighting for a better world, and warning others from leaving The Window.
Exactly these authors and their works — sharp political, and social — will form the basis of the Don’t leave from the Window exhibition. Like highlights, artworks help us look at ourselves, at our problems, problems with which we don’t have to accept. They help us to remember serious political, economic, social, and environmental problems. Remember that it’s not the norm, and we must continue to stand up for our values and ideals.

We are looking forward to your submissions! Due to the current logistics problems the exhibition will be held 3D
No fee!
Deadline 06.06
3D exhibition period 13.06- 02.06