Interview with artist Ana Nemro

Anastasia was born in a small town in Siberia, where she grew up surrounded by the wilderness of the forest and the grey frigid cityscapes. She spent her childhood exploring nature, admiring every living thing along the way, making up stories and drawing her fantasy world. Painting and drawing have always been a meaningful part of her life. However, she grew up with a lot of stigma around the art world, believing that only classic art has value and anything but is a fraud.
Being an emotional person she never felt the connection with the work that she did based on the ideas of her conscious mind. But sometimes, when she would open her sketchbook and start scribbling just to see what would come up on the page she would discover bizarre creatures and landscapes that she couldn’t have ever imagined and that would bring her joy.
In 2007 Anastasia graduated from a local art school with the highest grades and no passion for art. And it wasn’t until 2018 when in a small art studio in San Francisco she allowed herself to be the artist she is. In years after that under careful guidance of mentors like Michael Markowitz, Maria Erokhina and Maria Yankovskaya, Anastasia has advanced and matured as an artist and has found her voice in art.
Since 2021 she is represented by HAZEGALLERY ( Berlin division ) 


We invite you to get to know Anastasiya and her creative process. 

Instagram Ana Nemro @nemro_project