DESMEDIR. Haze Gallery Exhibition

Flying lightly and misaligning the false border in movement and distance, of a glacial winter and transhumant sound.




LOCATION: Bulowstrasse 11, 10789, Berlin

EXHIBITION DURATION: 04.12.2021 - 25.12.2021

VERNISSAGE: 03.12.2021 AT 7P.M.


DESMEDIR is an abstract work of acrylic painting on canvas; composed of 10 pieces in different sizes. The word DESMEDIR to refer to that action (initially conceived) opposed to what was measured, does not exist according to the dictionary of the Real Academia Española (RAE). DESMEDIR is created to compose the work with the sense of going backwards, not only to that which was measured but also to the questioning of what we know today as such. 

The artist points out DESMEDIR not as a term opposed to measuring; but in case it were, he asks, what would we be unmeasuring? What we do know is that we measure all the time, objectives, attitudes, distances, flights, words and their reactions; we measure time. And to measure we use certain instruments or a scale of values. The work is constructed from a neutral place where it questions the existence of at least three places (at least imagined and created from this notion of DESMEDIR): the measured, the unmeasured and the neutral. What is nothingness? What would life be like without us? There is a convention that such a place is associated with the natural; with that which had no (apparent) intervention or modification, with purity, fragility and naivety; with all that we know and know of its existence given the ability to reason and assimilate the word table to define the object that allows us to rest things on it. 

In his plastic essay, the artist seeks to reach a place untainted by the trajectories he has travelled; the learning he has incorporated; the emotions, the everyday, the routine. To imagine nothingness. This exercise was traversed (and the work traversed this scenario) by the restrictions, limitations and absence of uses of public spaces in a context of global health crisis. 

What would happen if the surreal were the real and the real the surreal? This flatly means a change in the equation of how we conceive the world. The coexistence of the organic and the inorganic, the human and the non-human, the real and the dreamlike. 

In an exercise of imagination through permanent contact with the work, the author dialogues with the producer and sound designer KIRAP about these dimensions of a work; about the interdependence of the human, the machine and the creative process. 

That is to say, not only what we create and see, but also what it generates in us; where does the work take us? Would the incorporation of sound take us to an unknown place? The sound in DESMEDIR invites the spectator to travel through this imagination, to create his or her own figures, human or not, on a zero plane.

Through a process of composition, editing, mixing and mastering, KIRAP arrives at the creation of a new body; a new work, with the participation of a multiplicity of actors: machine, worlds where the sounds come from, manipulation and dialogue between the known and the unknown, between the real - surreal - post-surreal equation. He creates a sound piece for each painting, creating the soundscape of DESMEDIR.

DESMEDIR is a sensorial experience where the spectator has in front of him the possibility to go through and discover himself; to reinvent himself by seeing himself, to rethink the real - surreal - post-surreal; it is a work that tries to promote the imagination and the way towards other ways of conceiving the defined, and to imagine that what happens there, happens within himself (of the temporary space and of the spectator). A work that is between bodies, technology and the Earth.



Uruguayan photographer and multidisciplinary visual artist based in Berlin, Germany. He studied at the Instituto Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes of the Universidad de la República (UDELAR) and at the Escuela Museo Joaquín Torres García in Montevideo. He studied photography at the Centro de Fotografía de Montevideo and at the Foto Club del Uruguay. The construction of his work is aligned to the principles of the German constructivist and expressionist abstract art movement. Mathias explores the definition and construction of places through the exploration of colours, movements, interculturalities, and hermeneutical approaches. 



Uruguayan artist, sound designer and producer based in Berlin, Germany. DJ, Drummer, Experimental Sound Artist, and Photographer. Darío Dornel has studied Music Production at the Electronic Music School (EMS) in Berlin; Sound Design Tools and Modular Synthesis at the Ramp Academy of Music Production (RAMP) in Berlin; he made a Specialization in Music Production at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA.